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Jan 11, 2001
N.E. U.K.
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Where's the best/cheapest place to buy it from. I need everything. I've looked in the horsey catalogues - Rideaway have a starter kit for £130 (doesn't incl battery, and it has the shorter posts, I want the longer ones).

Does anyone know if agricultural merchants would be cheaper?



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Jul 20, 2002
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I'd hate to add up what I've spent on electric fencing over the years, but it is cost effective. Don't buy cheap, it won't last. Also, use the wider tape, it lasts longer and doesn't get snarled up and frayed.You only need the tall posts if you've got a Houdini.
Check out the length of tape with the cheaper option, and batteries cost, what £30 + ?, and how many posts do you get ? you need a post every 5-8 large strides. Further apart and the wind will make them look as if they've taken up sailing, and it all sags when the wind abates and out gets nag. You also need to make it double stranded so it resembles a post and rail, otherwise nag gets over or under. I've always got mine from the nearest agri merchant as one then gets exactly what is required. Have fun. L


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Hi Dizzy, not sure where you are but I have bought electric fencing bits and bobs at Farmway, Robson and Cowan and Greens.
Watch out for batteries though as they may be cheaper elsewhere and its definitely worth getting a proper 'leisure' battery, as for caravanning, rather than using an old car battery.
Hope this helps.
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