Effects of prequenza vaccination


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Dec 22, 2020
My 9 yr old Mare is feeling very sorry for herself and dozy after her flu jab this afternoon …….. has anyone else experienced this with the current prequenza vaccination?


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Nov 11, 2018
I'm not sure what one my boy had, but I dont recall any real reaction to it. Hope she perks up tomorrow.


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Apr 6, 2021
Mine used to be fine. Then 3 years ago (he was 10) he reacted by swelling up ag injection site, unable to get his neck down to eat/drink and generally miserable. The vet was called and he had Danilon and it was reported to the vaccine company as vet had had issues with this same batch. The company paid the vet bill.

Unfortunately it has now left him reacting to his jab each time. I think getting a little worse each time. We now inject in his chest but last year it caused his front leg to swell also. But at least he can eat and graze. He needs a week of Danilon which is yet more expense. I am playing with the idea of no more flu jabs for him.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
When i brought my lad i was told he reacted badly to the jab. So ive never had him done as a result. They said he had developed flu like symptoms after having it.
I discussed with the vet and he said if the horse wasnt on a yard where horses were coming and going to events. And i wasnt taking him to events where there were other horses then it should be ok not being done.
I have done a few funrides with him but I've always made a strict policy of keeping him well clear of others horses. I don't even let him sniff other horses over the fence when out on hacks either.
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