Drop down advert on forum?


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Apr 6, 2021
I’m getting a drop down ad when in this forum. It flashes and changes and is rather large! I tried deleting history which stopped it briefly. Any other way to get rid?


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
No ads for me but I've found the forum a lot slower to load and respond in general today.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I have the same drop down ad. Only appeared in the few days and really annoying. It stops me accessing the menu. @Mike - is there any chance you can get rid of it please? Thank you.x


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Apr 6, 2021
That’s stopped there drop down. I now have multiple ads at the top and in the middle of the forum main page, forums and threads

154877C1-D1FD-4676-86E1-18313D4DE5DD.png D74D2485-81E9-4C35-B6AC-38D2C0F539D0.png 3E5FA55F-A957-48A9-8C0F-CA9E5F8839C2.png 6AB2929F-6945-47A3-BC4C-5BA556BC8094.png 5848AEEB-94E6-414C-A853-80D44E7AB785.png


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Yeah I've got lots and lots of ads. The mind boggles though as to why google thinks I'm interested in any of them. Some are down right weird! :eek:
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