Driving bit question

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Ok just about to order the driving harness. He is a ridden horse in an eggbutt snaffle, so will he notice a difference in weight and shape between the two bits. Would I have to have a stronger bit in future for riding possibly.

Im told most poeple use a liverpool bit. Looking in the catalogue it says revesible, one side smooth the other serrated. So which side should I put in the mouth first. Or is there something else that would be similiar to the eggbutt snaffle that I should try.


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Apr 16, 2000
When you get your Liverpool, it will be set up so the smooth side goes towards his tongue. You will need to take off the curb hooks and change them over if you want the severe side to the tongue.

If he's happy in a snaffle and kind and sweet thing about something like a Wilson Snaffle to begin with. Some horses (like ALL our Shetlands) hate the liverpool as it can be a gobful for them. A little butterfly Pelham is a good little bit that is not so much of a mouthful but gives you the option of moving the reins down a slot if needs be. The wilson you are stuck with just the one rein position.
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