Dressage again yesterday...


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Apr 30, 2017
The boy done gooood.

What did I learn yesterday? I learned that if I learn my bloody test I ride better!!

I’m hard of hearing and wear hearing aids, so relying on a voice prompt to know what it is I’m supposed to be doing immediately puts me on edge and makes me tense. I realised that I’m focusing so much on thinking “damn! Have I missed the reader? Wait for next movement, did I mishear it? ****!!” that I’m not focusing on my horse! Honestly it’s the most blindingly obvious thing when I think about it. If you have duff ears and then you have to rely on them... what a daft bint to have not figured it out before!! I was so much more calm.

Yesterday, I just rode. Because I knew what I was supposed to be doing, I was much more relaxed, and the comments rather than being about my unbalanced riding/crap circles/the fact that I’m sitting on a llama, they are about what I need to get my horse to do. So my riding has improved enough for me to show off my horse rather than my riding not allowing the judge to see what my horse is capable of.

I had one wonderful section of dancing, floaty canter though, for which we scored a 7.

Intro B - 62.83% 3rd Place :D
Prelim 12 - 63.85% 2nd Place :D :D

Back of the bloody net. Thanks for all your encouragement.

Here are the required photos:
EA5F80DE-F2F8-4DA8-ACB2-A8455A1E97E5.jpeg F7883787-0E07-4D48-A5C3-6B00A367CB0C.jpeg 8FB4697A-D0DA-422F-AF0C-A75941D2D211.jpeg 6C5636BD-A913-4407-ABD5-ECFBCD418A92.jpeg 41DDD21E-5BE9-40BB-85B6-16DA80EAF4AE.jpeg 5B63A6A1-E09D-4E41-8055-59BE5B0F996A.jpeg 9275B4CE-4D07-4B55-9719-76ED76826C38.jpeg 1F4A5C59-C62B-4B89-A0DF-9967C0C05378.jpeg


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Apr 16, 2009
well done to you both and Flashy looks awesome.

I have a short term memory issues. I really struggle to learn tests and even though I complete a lot and they are generally the same tests I just can't learn them.

A couple of weeks ago I had to learn 5. I learnt ......1 had to have the rest called for me. Last week I had two test had to have BOTH called for me as I just can't reply on my memory.

I even go wrong with a caller. I was doing OK before I affiliated but not they are all in long arena so more to remember and more letters. I really struggle and find it quite stressful.

I went to comp on my own and had to ask a stranger to call as I just couldn't remember the second test
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