Doh! What a pickle...


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Why do situations always get so complex? :rolleyes:

Albi was gelded a week ago today. He's not very good at having his legs handled yet and at the moment, because he's sore, his back ones are a COMPLETE no-no! On Tuesday evening I noticed he was a bit lame on his near hind. Can't get close enough for a real investigation but can't see any obvious swellings or oozing wounds. Unfortunately he has an abundance of feather so from the hock down it's anyone's guess! Dragged Dom (OH) to the yard yesterday to get him to walk Albs up and down on the hard surface so I could have a proper look and he's actually no worse on that than grass. It's not bad, he's just "off". I wondered if he's sore on one side of his wound but there's no swelling there or oozing either - it looks to be healing well.

I would have called the vet out again today but for the first time in years, Dom has taken the car and gone fishing. Bless him, he's such a lovely tolerant man - puts up with me spending our money on the horses and so rarely gets a chance to do something just for him so I just couldn't bring myself to ask him to cancel. And I have a shift at the pub tonight so Dom will be feeding the horses for me after he's dropped me off. Tomorrow morning I may suggest that we go to the yard together and actually hose Albi's back feet to flatten down the feathers... this may determine whether he has a swollen fetlock... I really don't want to just grab at his leg because he's been lashing out and double-barrelling so it won't help his impressions of me :eek:

So I've given Albs half a danilon in a small feed this morning and spoken to the vets. Going to see how he goes for another 24 hours and then review/call out. That'll be the third visit in 8 days then!! The ££££s are stacking up at the vets!! :(


Horses eh??? It is a tricky situation, hopefully the lameness is nothing much and will sort itself out given a little time :)
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