Does your horse hate having his/her muzzle put on??


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Jan 7, 2005
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My poor horse hates having his muzzle put on, he has had it on for a couple of months now and its not rubbing anymore as its all covered with fleece. The rubs that were there have now healed so I dont think it hurts him he just hates it :( . He runs to the back of the stable and sticks his nose in the air to get away from it :(

Does anyone elses horse do this???

ETA - Its the bucket type we didnt get on with the greenguard one


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Aug 15, 2002
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Nope, Mysy just accepts I think. She can still eat and drink and she's being able to be turned out which is the best for her so she's happy.

Mines covered in fleece to ;)


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Yep, Bo hated wearing his muzzle, in the field it was impossible to get it on him and doing it in the stable I have to pin him at the back and trick him to put his head down low enough to get it on :(

Then the bloody thing rubbed him badly, under his jaw (where the top edge is) but also on the fleshy part of his chin and the straps rubbed at various points all over his head :( so I had to stop using it, I did think about putting fleece onto it but it rubs so much and how do I stop it from rubbing his chin?

He is now turned out over night on a restricted paddock, since we had rain on wednesday he has gained weight again so he will have to be restricted even further.

I thought the greenguard one might be better, but wasn't going to blow £37 to find out :eek:


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Apr 20, 2003
Amber hates wearing her muzzle, she will drag it across the floor and not eat and threatens me with tipping my wheelbarrow over, but she lets me put it on her everytime without fuss:confused:


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Jan 7, 2005
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My horse rubbed underneath too so I have covered the whole of the top in fleece. Its much better and doesnt rub now (I am getting an expert now have done 2 already!). I have got 2 so that if one gets wet he can have the other one on as I would think that will make it rub worse.
The greenguard one rubbed my horse on the end of his nose! Theres no way you can cover that as its where he eats through!! I put Vaseline on it too but that didnt help either.
I always give him a carrot or a bit of apple when he has it on but he still doesnt like it. Hopefully it is just because it used to hurt and he will start to get used to it when it doesnt hurt.
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