Does anyone want my tack room fairy?


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Mar 15, 2008
Obviously you need to believe in them, then you need to admit and then-
You need to want a bit of a destructive fairy. :D

This fairy likes to change your cheek pieces round so they are twisted when you tack up. So you need to undo it.

They also fiddle to get the noseband wrong, which you notice on a hack and you haven't cleaned the bridle between rides.
They hide things you were just using.

It's not other liveries because this little fairy has been with me at all previous places!
On loan to good home. I'm sure she won't want to leave forever.:rolleyes:


May 7, 2002
right here, right now
Sorry, already have one. This one loosens girths whilst mounted and stretches one stirrup leather more than the other even though I swap them over to stop them.

She ties my bridle up in knots when I take it apart for a good clean and hides my list of what part goes on which hole. So when I go to tack her up again the cheek pieces are so long the bit is banging on her teeth but the nose band won't do up.

And she puts the wind up Gelfy every time the farrier comes so the pony who lives in your pocket suddenly refuses to be caught at all. She has a lot to answer for!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
And there was me hoping you were offering the type of fairy who would clean up after you ;) I'm actually going to a Faerie festival on Saturday....perhaps I can get one there :D
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