Does anyone else get attached to their car?

Dark Storm

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Jan 4, 2009
As the question says.. I love our car, and I hate it when it gets messed about.. I feel so much more comfortable now it's sat outside in it's 'spot'..


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Nov 16, 2009

Me and OH adore our cars. I have a suzuki jimny and he has a focus ST (which i have had all week as mine failed its MOT!!)

we used to have a 106 that i used to take on track days, she was called dinks cos she was dinky. she was compeletely modified to hell and was brilliant, she was like a big go cart. i had to sell her to put towards the 4X4 as she was dangerous to drive in winter and i couldnt get to the horses.
Bye bye track days :'(

HOWEVER yesterday OH tret me to a 1.8 metro that he is going to turn back into a track car for me!! one of the people he works with is emergrating at the end of the month and needs it gone so it was cheap!!!
Needless to say i love him ALOT right now - its a beast!! very very VERY quick!!

Im shopping for a new helmet and race bootys as i sold mine to fund Suzi the Suzuki!!

We are total petrol heads and have spent a good 3 hours tonight discussing adjustable dampers and hydro elestic suspention. Mum always said she wanted a boy ;)

But yes, Fern the focus is robs baby, Suzi the suzuki is my off road toy and general car and Maisie the metro is the new project!!

were obsessed hehe!! and its even better that hes the mechanic and totally happy in the passenger seat!


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Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
I'm not precious about my car - it looks like a heap, is filthy and scruffy inside and out but despite being harassed many times by both hubby and kids she's not going anywhere!
Part of it is familiarity - it takes me ages to get used to a new car and I don't want to think about driving, I want it to be 'automatic'. However my previous car, a 98 freelander was the biggest heap of crap ever and broke down every time I drove out of town. Several thousands of pounds later (where do you stop once you've made that initial investment?) I was actually becoming anxious about driving, my confidence was really knocked.
I'm not a Top Gear fan but when I saw several episodes of them trying to kill a Toyota Hilux and failing, I decided I wanted one of those!
So yes I do love my car - I don't know about it, I don't clean it, modify it or race in it. In fact it's so slow I have to tuck in behind lorries uphill as I can't get past them! But it starts every time, first time and I may not get there fast but I WILL get there
(it's also pretty good for playing chicken with if I'm feeling a bit feisty - men give in every time - my only serious challenges have been from women my age!)


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Jul 14, 2007
I used to become attached to my cars before being with OH.

I now drive more or less whatever he gives me to Drive as cars are his business:smile:

Just swapped the Mondeo for an Audi A6 which is a HUGE car but loving it. Where I had been picking bales of Hay up etc., in the Mondeo
he decided it was quicker to 'change' the whole interior than try to clean it out............luckily I have a new supplier who is happy to
deliver one large bale at a time so my car won't turn into quite so much a 'tip' now !

He on the other hand never really becomes 'attached' to 'his' car.

Just sold his Porsche and Discovery and bought himself a BMW M5 Sport......
don't think he will let me near that:giggle:
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Mar 2, 2006
Not attached as such but love it to drive! It's a KIA sorento, nice and big and bouncy...I feel comfy driving it. I had my OHs car last week whilst mine was being fixed, his is a Mazda 6 estate sport. It is a fab car, really powerful and plush, but I feel so low down in it! Like my legs are under the ground!! It takes a good few days to get used to it!

I do not keep my car clean, it's a work horse, but I suppose I have kept this one tidier than my old focus, which was trashed constantly!


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Apr 5, 2002
South Yorkshire
I do love my little corolla! And I name all my cars too she is called Cherry :)
OH is a mechanic and a total petrol head, he's got two cars at the minute because he can't bear to part with his Honda even though it has no tax or mot so he can't drive it anyway! :rolleyes:

I'm getting a new car in September which I am really excited about, but will be sorry to see Cherry go she's been a fab little car and was great when we had all that snow!

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
Yeah I kind of love my car too. I've got a little black mini, the first car I ever bought new and if anyone has experienced the BMW sales situation, you'll know that they have a huge list for you to pick all your own gadgets/ interior gumph - I kept adding stuff on - it's black, with red interior on seats and panels, I got a iPod connection and upgraded the stereo. And it's chipped. It's called Mr Smith and drives like a wee go cart. Looked at changing it recently but didn't make sense financially when I did the figures and something inside of me was actually quite relieved. I should probably have a 4x4, I have to drop the back seats any time I carry my saddle but I love it - £20 yr road tax, fab fuel economy.


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Aug 5, 2009
I've got a tiny weeny Pajero 4x4 (the tiny jelly mould older models) its a 1996 import - had it a good few years now but nothing would induce me to sell it - OH has offered something newer and posher several times - but love my little baby jeep. Tis a complete tip inside most of the time - but very low mileage as I mostly use it just for up and down the track to the horses with tack etc. it is in very good nick indeed for its age.

ANd - it was a God send this last tough winter - put it in 4WD and could drive right across the fields with water, hay etc. despite either packed ice or deep snow. I love my little jelly mould!:angel:


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Jul 18, 2005
North west
I have a dark green skoda fabia called Fred... it would suit a brown tweed cap and walking stick. It has been really reliable and safe and. Heap to run, love it just wish it had a 4wd option and less window problems (three have stopped working... One more to go!) though I have had it four years now


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Sep 17, 2008
West Yorkshire
My lovely P regd mazda died last year and i had had it for ages and i was attached. I now have a 55 plate and i am not attached to it all i think part of it is because i got a large (estate) car because of the dog and now the dog is no more i don't feel i need it. I hope this thread doesn't jinx me and the blooming car stops working.


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Apr 11, 2008
i never use to get attached to my cars as i use to go through a diff one every month.:giggle:

I did have a thing with wanting different cars but sorta got board after a little while, i do how ever really think to myself, why oh why did i sell the warrior..:frown:

but now i h:frown:v:frown: a new bmw it is very much my pride and joy!! and i defintly am attached to it. i hoover it every other day.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I used to be terribly attached to my mini cooper. It had a gorgeous look about it, we went everywhere together.....broke me heart selling it when I was thinking about moving house to where we are now. (It would have been totally impracticle on the pot-holed road). I nearly cried when I took it to the garage that bought it.........We went through a lot together......worse thing was, it was up for sale for AGES and I kept looking on the dealers website and wondering where it was gonna end up.............! I don't get that attached nowadays, I'm on my third Landy in five years..........
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