Does anyone else find that...


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Jun 6, 2007
North Shropshire
...their horse reacts very differently to environments that are only slightly different? I'll explain a bit better... My horse is as cool as a cucumber on the beach and on the road. We can lovely calm canters, and go up to a gallop and come down a gear no problem at all. Even after a good hard run I can have the reins at the buckle and he is really calm. However, in fields with long grass he gets SO excited, he doesn't bolt but he does this crazy cantering on the spot thing and generally prances and makes me nervous. Fields that are flat, or even hilly but not with long grass are ok. He'll go faster than on the beach but doesn't feel like a coiled spring, as he does when we're on 'wild' land if you know what I mean. It seems to be that fields are to be approached calmly, but moors are for scaring Mummy senseless.

Any thoughts or similar experiences?


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May 26, 2006
Heh, we have the opposite problem. Everything in the garden is rosy when we are riding on the roads, through the town, along the lanes, in his own field etc.

As soon as we set foot in a field with long grass, it has to be eaten. All of it. The whole field. Working on this one at the moment ;)


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May 26, 2006
Ha ha ha ha ha - that made me laugh!!!!

Makes me laugh too (but doesn't stop me plotting...). OTOH, at least I have the horse least likely to bolt in wide open spaces, there is an upside to everything :D

He is very much a "grass on the other side is always greener" horse - has a neck like a giraffe and has nibbled the grass all the way along the other side of the fence around his field. There is plenty of grass in the field, btw, it's just not as interesting as the salad buffet in the next door field :rolleyes: eta if you look at my avatar, it looks as though he's looking at me over that wall. No he's not, he's checking out the grass in the field I'm standing in...


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Oct 27, 2006
Maybe he just finds it exciting? my dog does the same thing, calm as anything on tarmac etc, long grass and he prancing like a deer! I'm guessing your horse is slightly larger than a jack russell though :D
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