Does anyone else feed...


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Jul 12, 2004
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.. garlic, parsley and linseed oil?

I just started feeding it in place of soya oil which I was feeding before. Apart from smelling yummy though is it any good? :D

I'm feeding it as a general tonic, to improve coat condition and just those few extra calories for winter, but not sure if I'd be better just switching back to normal linseed. (which I went into the shop to buy but was distracted by this exciting looking potion :eek: )

I'm feeding the Codlivine one but FeelGood do one as well I think:

Jorel S

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Aug 30, 2008
Shropshire, United Kingdom
i know people who feed their horses sunflower oil for a good coat :) i personally couldnt wait for the oil to naturally come through the skin so slapped it straight on so not a clue as what to answer your question with :D sorry for the waster of time:eek:


Sep 16, 2007
Northern Ireland
I feed linseed oil & garlic, she always gets comments on how nice her coat is so i guess its doing something, and i also like to think of it as a general lubricator of the body :D

The garlic was started for the flies but she loves the taste and i love the smell that i keep using it all year round!


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Dec 8, 2004
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I used it for a while before starting on alfa a oil. It did smell pretty amazing! I would use it again, but it takes so long to put all gord's supps in his bucket now that people would think I am bonkers for adding in anything else!


Aug 22, 2005
I'm a fan of linseed for shine and condition though mine gets it from Barley hoops in the winter.
I feed garlic too so see no reason in buying something that combines these if it doesn't work out more expensive.


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May 27, 2008
Bonny Scotland
I feed veg or sunflower oil....does the exactly the same job but much cheaper than all the fancy horsey oils in the feed shop! Buy big can of it in "exotic" food aisle of Tesco for bout £12 and it lasts for ages. My native gets a tiny bit in winter feeds for his coat and my TB gets much larger quantities for maintaining weight and coat condition. Also feed garlic....great for them and us humans!!


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Jul 12, 2004
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Thanks for all the replies :)

I tend to feed bog standard veg or soya oil for condition but I've always found linseed oil really out-does the others for coat shine and that extra 'sparkle'.. it does have the bonus that my fussy eater seems to love it as well and it's strong enough to hide his other supplements he doesn't like in ;)

I think I'll see how long the bottle lasts me and if it works out economical enough I'll keep him on it for winter as I do like getting garlic in him and he won't normally eat it :rolleyes:

And I have become a little addicted to the smell of it myself :eek:


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Jan 14, 2008
it will probably work out cheaper to buy proper linseed and boil it and feed the mush instead of paying over the odds for the oil.

you must boil it before it is fed though, it goes really gloopy and looks like snot tbh :eek:
dont use one of your 'best' pans or spill it on your cooker, its a bugger to get off, nearly impossible!
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