DIY Livery for 2 or small yard needed in Wokingham area


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Sep 10, 2008
Does anyone know of any nice yards in or around the Wokingham area (including, Finchampstead, Eversley, Binfield, Arborfield etc)?
I am looking for DIY livery for myself and my friend and would need space for 1 mare and 1 gelding.Alternatively, we would also be interested in any small yards for let as have 3 other friends also looking! Must have a school, hacking and all year turnout.
We're both very easy going (so are the horses!) and are happy to share turnouts / bring ins etc to help.
Quiet and mainly adult yard preferred.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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Sep 6, 2008
Mattingley too far away?

My sister and I are soon to have 2 horses (1 now!) on a smallish yard here. Full sized lit indoor school, hacking is ok as long as you don't mind crossing the odd road (so we've been told, we've only got a baby!) and can get to Bramshill. Not done a winter here yet, but we've been told turnout is pretty much all year. I'm not even sure there is room, but I can get the number for you if the area is right. I'll get her to throw me a few number anyway as I know she looked at a few when we were looking all around this area (we both grew up near wellington country park).



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Sep 10, 2008
thanks so much for your reply.
I've just had a look on google maps as wasn't sure where Mattingley is!! Unfortunately i think its going to be a little too far, my friend lives in Barkham so would be fine for her but i live in Wokingham (side nearest to Binfield) so a bit of a trek. Will definately bare it in mind though if i struggle to find somewhere. If you think of anywhere else though i'd be really grateful.

Thanks again:)


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Apr 30, 2005
Hiya, there are vacancies at our yard in Wokingham, it is a nice friendly yard with good facilities, I will PM you the details :)
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