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Mar 29, 2004
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If a stallion is Perlino and is homozygous for Agouti and a single dilute, what will you get from a Bay and White Tobiano mare?! Stallion is DNA tested as Ee AA CrCr. Mare no1 has unknown parentage, Mare no2 is CB x Bay Tobiano WB type.


May 7, 2002
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First off he can't be perlino and carry a single dilute; he's a double dilute (the two CrCr).

He also has a hidden red gene, so if either mare also carries e (red) there's a 25% chance of a chestnut based foal.

You're guaranteed a dilute foal; so possibilities without knowing more about the mares' genetic make-up is 25% chance of palomino and 75% chance of buckskin. He cannot throw smoky black.

Then there's the tobiano; if the mare is heterozygous for tobiano you have a 50% chance of a splodgy foal. If homozygous, you're guaranteed tobiano as well as dilute.


May 7, 2002
right here, right now
E is black, e is red (chestnut). If a horse has E it will be black based. A is agouti (bay) - a black (E) horse that carries A as well will be bay.

A single dilute is a horse that carries a single copy of cream (Cr - a single dilute will be CRcr). A double dilute carries two copies of cream (CrCr). Single dilutes are palomino, buckskin and smoky black. Double dilutes are cremello, perlino and smoky cream.
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