Difference between grass and daisy reins

Grass reins fasten to the D's on the front of the saddle, cross over the withers, and fasten to the bit rings. They may or may not have elastic inserts, or may be made of baler twine in an emergency:help: As naughty neddlet lowers their head to eat grass, the reins pull on front of the saddle, the bit, and press on the withers. They should be adjusted looser than side reins would be. They are very effective. They don't interfere with reasonable up and down head movement, but do restrict extreme poking of noses.

Daisy reins fasten to the headpiece, run down the crest, and split to fasten on the D rings on the saddle. IMHO, they are more of a faff to fit, and are less effective, but I KNOW many will disagree:giggle:
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