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May 24, 2007
I don't usually post much as to be honest I never really have much to say. BUT.... my horse just turned 4 last month and went away on Saturday for backing. I've decided to start a diary for her as we should have some interesting times coming up.

She's a pintabian mare and I've had her since she was 6 months. I decided to have her professionally started as I didn't feel experienced enough to do it myself. I booked her in to James Roberts foundation station, after hearing some good things and I wanted her started quite naturally. Here she is:


Saturday 17th March

The day started badly with Demi kicking me while trying to pick out her back feet (not usual behaviour). She bent my thumb right back and it was pretty painful. She hadn't travelled since she was 6 months so she was a bit stubborn about going into the box but nothing naughty. Just refusing to move so it took about 20mins to get her on. She settled quickly and I think she even had a little snooze on the way. It took us about 5 hours to get to Wiltshire, with lots of unhealthy snacks on the way. When we arrived she was then reluctant to come out of the box . She went into a field with another mare who had arrived that morning. The other mare immediately set about chasing her round the field, gave her a few bites and a very large, painful sounding kick in the ribs! Demi isn't a dominant leader type so didn't fight back and they quickly settled down. Without crying(!!!!!!!!!) I got back in the horsebox and left her there. Imagining 3 whole weeks without her I thought I'd be more upset. I think my still throbbing hand was having an effect. So drove the 5 hours back then immediately took my hand to A&E. I had driven very carefully all day with my extremely painful, bruised and swollen hand which I thought may be broken. After 2 hours at A&E, on a Saturday night, I got my hand bandaged up and sent away with bad ligament damage!

Wednesday 21st March

Got an email about Demi to let me know how she's doing:
"She was good yesterday, just a bit pushy at first. Day 1 is just about accepting the human as a friend and a leader.. so touching them all over, picking up and placing all 4 feet, maintaining a standstill, following a feel and indirect/direct rein from another horse, and finally having them confident in zone 3... on top of their back/getting on and off both sides, and motion up high in zone 3."

And then another one:
"She was really good today.. saddled up, moved around at liberty, then back online, then got on... lateral flexion both sides - throwing rope over each side. She was really relaxed and confident."

and a couple of pics:

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May 24, 2007
I don't have a written update yet but some more pictures of her training.....






I'm really excited to go for the handover days next week, but also a little bit sad that other people are getting to ride her before me.


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May 24, 2007
Last update....

'she is going really well, nice and forward - confident in all 3 gaits in the arena and also out hacking.'

This time tomorrow I will be on the train going to Wiltshire for my 2 day handover and to bring her home...... excited much!!!! :bounce: The 3 weeks have flown by.
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