"Dawn of the horses".... a return to old type travel?

Dark Storm

Well I'll be a Krampus's Auntie! :D!
Jan 4, 2009
What do you think would happen if oil ran out? Would horse's suddenly become the sole way of getting round? Would bikes become a more important way of transport? We have survived without oil before, animal fats was our fuel once upon a time. How do you think we would manage without buses, cars, motorbikes, trains, ferries and planes?


New Member
Nov 26, 2008
we would all make our fortunes- our nags would be in demand one way or another! more worries about thieving though!

Luna Corona

New Member
Sep 7, 2009
The luxury of travelling abroad would vanish! It's certainly a romantic idea of going back to horses, but I'd reckon someone would come up with an oil substitute before we got to that point. Pity!

Lobelia Overhill

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Oct 14, 2004
Fossil fuels will run out, or stocks will run so low as to make the costs prohibitive. There are alternates to oil, petrol and gas. Hemp [for one example] can be grown nearly anywhere that can be used to produce a bio fuel that cars etc can run on, and used for heating, and cooking.

There's solar, wind and hyrdo electricity already available.

It won't be the end of civilisation as we know it :D
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