cowboy boot accessories

Men's cowboy boots have long been associated with the rugged charm of the American West. However, these iconic boots have made a significant leap across the Atlantic and are now making a substantial impact on UK fashion.

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Cant comment as the page is not there any more. I bought Western boots in USA but never ride in them in UK,
I wore mine for years helping on the yard because they had hard toe caps, good when leading unknown horses.
The boots I chose in USA were a beautiful light green but turned mud coloured the first night when I put leather dressing on them
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Tips and heel caps are protective as well as decorative. Keep them from getting scuffed. As for boot chains/straps they're totally decorative. There are decorative straps made for holding spurs but the ons you're asking about serve no using purpose.
Bring them to someone that specializes in leather cleaning and repair. There are ways to restore them. Maybe not quite the original but close. Then get them to recommend a leather dressing for light colored leather. There are several.
a leather dressing for light colored leather.
Thank you. I didnt know. I wonder why I wasnt sold it when I bought the boots? However, I have waxed them several times. I dont know why but since I couldnt ride in them in UK, I chose to wear them when I helped out on a yard for a few years. So they had good horsey use but not the grip to be 100% safe. I was once towed by a large livery cob I was leading for the first time. So that sticks in my mind.
I have also on occasion worn them with jeans or trousers when going up to London. There are time when that is in fashion.