Couldn't sit to canter on a hack yesterday


New Member
Jan 27, 2007
Auckland, New Zealand
Yesterday I went on a ride that involved (what felt like) some very fast canters up hill. The guide didn't want to canter on the flat as she was worried the horses would really race :eek:

Anyway I was quite surprised that I couldn't sit to my horses canter and had to adopt a 2-point position. Thinking about this today I guess this would be better for the horse going up a hill???

But what is bothering me should you be able to sit to a canter at any speed?


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Aug 6, 2007
Are you sure they were fast canters, if the horse was actually galloping its easier not to try to sit. Gallop is ridden in a completely different position to canter, I'm hopeless at explaining, best to ask your instructor.


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Sep 28, 2005
I don't think I ever sit a fast canter. THere's not a lot of point, really - it's hard on the horse's back, you get in their way - I think if you have a good stable 2-point, then you're absorbing a huge amount of the motion in your ankles and the bend in your knee. Personally, I think you're much better able to absorb a big fast spook in a good 2-point.


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Dec 30, 2006
One of my problems with cantering Joy in the school is that when out hacking I always go to 2 point. She has a lot of movement through her back and I am not flexible enough through mine. In the sand school sitting to canter on Joy just feels wrong :eek: I don't have this problem with other horses that are better balanced with a less powerful extravagent movement.

I'm of the opinion that on a hack you do what works and is effective. You don't have to be pretty or technically correct just in control and safe ;)


I automatically go into a forward seat cantering out on hacks, easier for me and the horse :)


New Member
Mar 5, 2007
Queensland, Australia
Funny you are all saying that you like going into 2-point position up hills, fast canters or gallops, I use to do the same thing (I still do a little bit), but for some unknown reason whenever I go into 2 point in canter it seems to really unseat me (I mean it throws me out of the saddle then I grip, so I have just been going to sitting the canter, which I find easy, I think this is because my lower leg (recently) slides back. Would that be why? Also it could be because I have grown scared of standing up, because Blue (at first - he doesn't do it any more) would take off when I stood up, so maybe I am really nervous, and my legs are shaking and can't support me, well basically I am scared of canter.

Kiwigirl, it is easier on a horse if you go into 2 point up a hill, because you are taking the weight of their spine thus making it easier for them to complete there job.

Sorry Kiwigirl for taking this thread for my problem.


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Jun 21, 2000
I automatically go into a forward seat cantering out on hacks, easier for me and the horse :)

I always have done as well, although I havent cantered in a LONG time, but when I was riding regularly before nearly everyone I know goes into a forward seat when out on a hack :)


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Oct 24, 2005
I tend to do more damage in 2-point because i haven't quite mastered the art of a balanced one yet so opt to stay in a slower canter that I can sit comfortably to and that'll be nicer for Red!


Lindsay "N" Bangle
Jun 16, 2007
South Yorkshire
Hi there

I always go into a forward seat when cantering on hacks its more comfy in my opinion and I always find that my horse has a faster canter on hacks than she does in the school. I have no trouble staying in balance with her when she spooks and im in the forward seat either

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