confident rider hypnosis cd - anyone tried any of them?


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Apr 19, 2008
confident rider CD

I have tried the confident rider hacking CD after a panic attack out of the blue left me unable to hack on my old mare. I successfully hacked her out after listening to the CD twice a day for 2 weeks! but the effect didn't last long... you still need to make yourself hack and listen to the CD regularly, but if hacking is your issue then it is worth a try.

I have since bought a Welsh D, he is young and was very spooky in the school. I tried the confident schooling CD with no success at all.

However, with a mixture of pax-horse spray and global herbs magcalm. I learnt to trust him and that I CAN stop his high speed galloping off from that "spooky" shadow/movement, sweet wrapper AND stay on top. Now we have a relationship, I can laugh it off. But if you had seen me 6 months ago ...


Skippys Mum

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Nov 25, 2007
Yes from me too - the hacking one. Definately helped a bit. Pax spray helped more though! I got more confident when he got more relaxed:)
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