Comfort for dog stung by hornet


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Poor little Corky, a working cocker and notable wuss, was stung 2 or 3 times today by a hornet, the scout for a nest on our heath.

He's had Piriton and Paracetamol, been to the vet and confirmed that he hasn't got any serious allergic reaction. But the poor little boy is inconsolable. He digs and digs in his bed, follows me like my shadow, and honks like a Wookiieee in distress.

Is there anything I can offer him to comfort him and help him sleep?
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Jan 6, 2006
Poor lad. All I can think of is stay near him and do you have an old jumper or similar that smells of you that he can have in his bed?
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Mar 15, 2015
My border collie likes to sleep under our bed during the day. One day last week he came from under the bed and started running around the house, obviously distressed about something, but we had no idea what was up with him. He then went and stood in a corner with his nose pressed against the wall. We were thinking he had had some sort of fit. A bit later, I went into the bedroom and found a dying hornet, so poor dog had obviously been stung. i gave him antI histamine straight away and he was fine. Already knew he wasn’t allergic, because he disturbed a wasps nest a couple of years ago and got around 20 stings. That did result in a rushed vet visit.

I thought paracetamol wasn’t recommended for dogs? Isn’t it toxic for them, or have I got that wrong?
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