Combined Training - Camp/comp and Ginger pony - new photos added


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Apr 16, 2009
I was lucky enough to get a place on this years grass routes combined training camp held at Windsor this week. It is an amazing opportunity to try and get noticed by the RAFEA team.

We went on Monday and had an amazing flat work lesson followed by a jump lesson in the afternoon. Now jumping is still not my thing but the RI was amazing (cavalry instructor) he built up a love course that was twisty to get us looking at lines etc and get the horses changing their leads on landing. Ginger pony put in plenty of bucks when he (sorry I) got it wrong!

Tuesday was another jump and a another twisty course but slightly higher but not any real height at all more about getting the rhythm between jumps right. Followed by another flat lesson working on collection of the trot and canter. This was followed by a hack round great Windsor park. It was breath taking we had a lovely canter through the deer park. I had a little breaking issues but managed to hold him the whole was but he did kick out at the horse behind. I had warned the two behind us that he does this so they were back enough not to be in any danger but the girl was riding a 17h horse and ginger managed to get his hoofs to her head height at pace!!!

So after 2 days training we had the competition on the Wednesday. I made an error of course on the dressage so really angry with myself and took a 2 point penalty. apart from that he was awesome.

After a break we started the jumping we went for 2ft 9. We have jumped a single jump at this height but never a whole track and there was what looked like a huge oxer in there. I was very nervous but he had not touched a pole Monday or Tuesday so we went for it. but saying went for it is not the same as what others do he has the most amazing collected canter and just approaches in such a calm manner and pops over them all. He did buck between fence 2 and 3 but just more to sort his legs out. He flew the course and went clean.

We finished the day with 53 points (70.5% in the dressage) and first place. I nearly cried we have not won anything to date and I was so proud of my horse. He was one of 3 ex racers there but I was the only one that has done all the retraining myself.

I have been asked to join the novice team for the combined training inter service comp in May:)

Waiting to get the photos from the photographer but have this one from our hack - sorry about the clip he will not let me near his head.

I don't think I have every been so proud of my pony he took the whole three days in his stride his flat work was better then I have every seen it.



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Dec 21, 2003
That is wonderful - and you have worked so hard and taken such care with his training - it is a well deserved result. ASnd with more to come. No wonder you are happy.
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May 18, 2009
Fabulous, well done and well deserved. All your hard work is paying off so well. No wonder your bursting with pride and grinning like a Cheshire cat. :)
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