Clothing sizes..anyone else struggle

Star the Fell

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Jun 14, 2015
So, my work trousers have to be size 6 and they have to have a belt because although they fit on the hips, they are way to big on the waist.
According to the tape measure my waist is 26 inches, so why are size 26 jodhpurs too big and I fit nicely into size 24 which according to most size charts is a size 8?
And yet the chaps I bought which stated were for 14 inch calf don't fasten round my 13.5 inch calves?
Why can't sizes be standardised and actually measure what they say they do?

Nov 10, 2014
Depends the country they were made.

Despite them being UK sizes they aren't UK made. So never going to be right.

I'm a 10 in most clothes at present but jodhpurs I prefer the equivalent of a 12 as I like them a bit roomy, even if I have to pop on a fabric belt to keep them up once on. I am comfortable in 10s but having an arse like a shelf sometimes causes some brands to slip down at the back ;)


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Apr 16, 2009
I am similar. So I stick to certain makes as I know they fit. Eurostar ate a good make and an 8 is an 8. As are Hy and mark todd are also good.


May 7, 2002
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My eldest girl is tiny. She's 18 and about 5'2" and a size 6 is roomy on her. It's a nightmare trying to buy clothes for her. If it fits waist wise it tends to be too long in the leg.

My son is about average in height but skinny as hell so what fits him waist wise tends to come up too short in the leg.

Youngest girl is 13 at the end of the month and still wears age 9 to 10 so she ends up with the same problem as the boy.

Second daughter wears anything between a 10 to a 14 depending on how generously it's cut.

And then there's motorbike clothing. That comes up really small. Mr C has two leathers and a textile jacket and the leathers are 44", The textile is 42". Mr C is a 38" chest. I'm a size 14. My textile is an 18. Go figure!

Star the Fell

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Jun 14, 2015
I have found out that if I shop in the "girls" section I fit quite nicely in an age 12.:D
Not too struck o nOne Direction or Frozen t-shirts though:rolleyes:
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Jul 12, 2004
I fit into a size 10 trouser and Jean mostly, occasionally 12, my breeches tend as a rule to be a 28 but the odd make I have to buy a 30, pikeur I'm a 26 :rolleyes:
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