Chiro for Dolly?


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May 3, 2003
Ontario, Canada
As most of you know, Dolly is off saddle work right now because of my various saddle issues, which have caused muscle loss.

We have a wonderful chiropractor coming out to the barn in a few weeks time. She has seen Dolly twice before, once after I stopped using my medium treed saddle (it was FAR too narrow for her!) and once in the summer after she crashed over a cross-country jump. Both times I noticed a huge difference in her.

My RI mentioned to me that the chiro is coming back and wanted to know if I wanted Dolly to be put on the list of horses to be done.

How beneficial do you think having the chiropractor see her will be? Is it worth the money to put out for this?

I am not exactly made of money, so I will only be doing this if I think it will do lots of good.


Tripp and Olly
Dec 31, 2005
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
If you CAN afford it I would say do it. You are looking at putting her into more work etc. so a good check up to be sure everything really is OK is money well spent. I get my sport dogs done every 4-6 months sometimes there is nothing but the times that there are and it gets caught early before all heck breaks lose are worth all the "nothings". We ask them to do things for us that can put more wear and tear on them then is "natrual" and by staying on top of things we can help avoid loads of heartache in the end!


Tripp and Olly
Dec 31, 2005
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
I would let your personal finances guide you on this one, yes it would be a good idea but if it simply can't be done I wouldn't worry too much - maybe next time you will be in a better position for a check up :)
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