chicken coop plans


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Apr 6, 2021
For those who have chickens and chicken coop will be interesting. I am re-thinking several factors of my chicken keeping. One of which is having 2 flocks instead of one. 2 less crowded smaller coops, over one large coop.
I plan to house no more than 6 birds per coop. Things to consider are snow and wind loads, as I live high up in the rocky mountains where snow blankets the ground more than it does not. I will place each coop on opposite ends of the run with a door to the yard and with one to the run. This will allow me to alternate range time and run time, it will also allow me to have better control over my breeding program.
I am not fully sure what I want to build, I do know that both coops will be placed so to have a large south-facing window. I will be building a small car port-style roof over the top of the run to keep the snow out of the run.
One thing I learned last winter was that my current coop has a lot of unused open space that would be better served in floor space. This open-air resulted in less efficient coop temps and some of my birds did get small amounts of frostbite in the coldest periods.
Rather than a 4x8 shed-style coop I have currently which is over-engineered and more than required, I am going to build 2 6x6 coops. rather than building them so I can walk in to clean, I will make it much shorter and will make it so one-half of the roof opens for cleaning. I would also redesign the roof adding some pictures with a heat press machine.
Doing this will allow me to fix a few issues I had come up with water as well. 6x6x4 or 5 feet at the peak of the roof. I hope good for 6 birds.


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Feb 11, 2017
United States
Hi, @DavidJo23 if you aren’t already familiar with these, you might be interested in chicken coops on wheels. You can buy them or make your own.

I am in Tennessee. A few years back, I had a neighbor who built and sold them. His own coop was fairly simple and he was able to easily move (with his chickens in it) from one end of his property to the other, which was a one acre property.

There are all sorts of designs and styles, so your imagination is the limit; especially living high in the Rockies:)

He never lost a chicken to a Hawk or a coyote, which I sadly can’t say the same for the current family who lives there - their chickens free range everywhere they aren’t safe, I have found chicken remnants way back in my pastures:(
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