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Salsa & Solstice Twilight
Sep 12, 2003
North Yorkshire
Salsa was kept in today due to the weather. I got up there this afternoon and got changed quickly in my tack room (I'd had to leave work early to meet the farrier and was still in my work clothes). While I was getting sorted out, I could hear my dad talking with one of our neighbours at the front of his stable. The neighbour commented on Salsa's weaving (he always seems to start as soon as we arrive. I've not heard from anyone that he does it at any other time) and mentioned that he could do with an anti-weave grill because the horse on the other side is starting to copy it. My dad said "we'll have to sort it out", clearly forgeting it's my horse and me who will have to cough up the money.
I've never been very keen on anti-weave grills, because yes it prevents weaving, but I've known other horses get so frustrated that they can't weave that they box walk instead. I much prefer Salsa to be turned out instead, but occasionally it can't be helped, such as when the vet put him on box rest for a week, or when the weather has been really bad this week and their rugs totally soaked. He also does it when he's brought in on a night and is waiting for his feed, but he never seems worked up - it seems like his way of telling me he's bored with all this waiting. He'd like tea NOW please ;) .

The other thing is the cost - locally I've only been able to find grills for around the £50 mark when I've been just aimlessly browsing in tackshops, and online I could get one for around £25 but I'd then pay around £10-20 in postage, so it all works out the same anyway :rolleyes: . This month alone I have £135 to pay in vet's bills, we've booked a weekend away that we can't get out of (have paid the deposit) and my overdraft is already stretched to it's limit (roll on payday!!).

I've tried tying up swedes and similar in the doorway, but he just throws his head around in the smaller space in between and never eats the swedes. Given how prone he is to injury, I'm not keen to tie up two bricks as I could imagine him or me really bashing our heads on them (yes, we are that daft). He has a mirror in the stable next to the door, I've bought him toys and home made toys but he's just scared of them (he "killed" his Jolly ball within hours because it was frightening). He has a Boredom Buster, but pays it no attention at all. What other options do I have?

Bay Mare
Jun 21, 2004
In my jods!
Turning him out.

As long as they have sufficient shelter they're better off in the field. Anti-weave grids don't work, period, the horse can still weave behind the grid as you've already found out.

Personally I wouldn't waste my money on a grid. I'd try and get him turned out more.

Tots N Dots

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Nov 27, 2005
Planet Pickle
I had a horse that only did this at feed times etc, I got one of the little yellow ball toys that you can hang up, I put a big hook at the top of the doorway and I hung it right in the middle at her head height with baletwine, everytime that she stuck her head out to weave she wacked her head on the ball, (its only light so no pain), she had to have 7 weeks full box rest :eek: due to an injury, but she still only ever weaved when I was there and she thought it was food time (put a camera on her to watch), the ball worked well as she would have her weave interrupted and would step back and glare at the ball, but I think as it was more attention seeking, (we had real food issues as she had been neglected) as in bring food NOW, than an ingrained habit, Salsa sounds a bit the same, she never stepped back and weaved there, but had it been an ingrained habit with her I think she would have weaved whatever, I have seen the balls I used on ebay for about £5? lots cheaper than a grill, :D


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
My girl has been getting quite stressed, she has started dancing a bit and was box walking anyway (always has), not a full weave yet but didn't want to let it get that far. I tied up a lickit at head height in the door way, so its nice and tasty and interupts her dance too :D It has stopped her but she is still box walking (its because she had to swap stables with Bo cause he kept getting cast and she hates his inddor stable)

J x

H & Bailey

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Nov 12, 2001
north east england
Instead of a grill why not get a scaffolding bar and attatch it high enough so he cant weave over it ,but he probably wouldnt be able to stick his head out and look out the stable which could result inweaving behind the grill,box walking or cribbing.You could just chuck him a slab of hay /carrots when you first get to the yard to distract him,if thats the only time he is doing it. weaving is classed a a vice and has to be declared when a horse is sold on and could in theory de value the horse next door if it starts to copy him.alot of yard owners keep weavers together but as salsa isnt that bad? he could be made worse.probably a grill is the easiest option unless you canhave 24/7 turnout.


Salsa & Solstice Twilight
Sep 12, 2003
North Yorkshire
The biggest problem I have is that I don't get a say in his turn out :rolleyes: . Monday - Wednesday a friend at the yard feeds and turns out for us in the morning, and if she thinks the weather is too bad she keeps them in, even when I would have chucked them out, and Thursday and Friday mornings, my parents make the decision for me, because I work Monday to Friday. Personally, I would put them out snow or rain, so long as Salsa was in his turn out boots and an appropriate rug. It's all well and good me saying "please make sure he goes out", but for some reasons it always comes across as "petulant child being difficult". The same will go in my protests against an anti-weave grill - my parents will decide it's a good idea or that they're fed up banging their heads on things hanging in the doorway, and I won't get a choice. If I try to explain my point, they'll roll their eyes and do what they like anyway (I often feel about five years old, rather than a grown up with husband and mortgage!). They're away this weekend, so I'll get some different Likits for his Boredom Buster and stick that in the doorway (I'm short, so I'll be able to get under it easily :D ).

Roll on 24 hour turn out!


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Aug 29, 2004
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Sez, Start downloading the facts and figures from the internet. Get onto the Natural Horsemanship sites and download about keeping horses out 24 /7 and the need for them to be socialised together for their own mental health and well being. Horses live in the wild in blizzards and seering hot deserts they will survive. Tell you friend unless an absolute blizzard or tornadoes happening to put your horse regardless of whether or not she keeps her in, sounds a bit like she cannot be bothered to turn them out. As for parents inform them that turning out is cheaper alternative than keeping horses in, and may have to take some money out of the housekeeping you give them in order to pay for extra hay when horse is kept in!!!
Then use the same arguement as for anti weave grids - cost. I suppose if you taught your horse to sit up and beg someone would say something about their horse copying the same behaviour. Her horse has probably been weaving for some time and has never really noticed it before.
Other option is learn to drive and get yourself a car and go and put your own horse out in the morning before going to work. Alternatively if you have a yard manager that does this to pay her to turn your horses out. I know that by friend doing it is cheaper, but may be better in long run for your horse to be turned out each day for your sake as well as their own.
Hope you get things resolved soon.
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