Champion riding hats


new irish rider
Aug 22, 2005
I am going to upgrade my champion junior riding hat and get a newer version.
I will stay with champion as I like their hats. Just trying to decide between a ventair one or a CPX one? Has anyone experience of these?

chunky monkey

Well-Known Member
May 2, 2007
I think at the end of the day you have to go to the fitting shop and try them on. Our local shop let you put it on and wear it in the shop whilst you browse so you have time to get use to the feel a bit.


Well-Known Member
Jul 1, 2010
Yorkshire Dales
Different hat styles from the same manufacturer can vary in fit. To be sure I would try on. As chunky monkey says I'd advise wearing for as long as feasible before deciding. I was fitted for a hat last year and allowed myself to be guided by the fitter, despite it feeling a little tighter than my previous hat. It turned too be too firm a fit and gives me a headache after 30 minutes of so. Use your instincts and if it feels comfy it likely will be..

Margie and Magic

Active Member
Jan 14, 2020
I agree with @selside and @chunkymonkey on fit. I had to google those helmets as I am not familiar with them. They appear to look very different, is there a "look" you are trying to go for when you upgrade?
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