Carriage Weight - 4 wheeler and what's the difference between ...


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Jun 21, 2000
a groom and a whip ?

So two questions really :)

Does anyone know what the average weight would be for a 4 wheeler carriage ? Or what would be deemed to heavy ?

I've got a small list of the type of carriage I would like to get and to me it makes the most sense to get one that is the lightest, but I don't want to compromise on safety and quality.

My horse is currently pulling a 4 wheeler adequately up and down all types of terrain with up to 4 adults in it (including two large adults !) but I'm just thinking as he gets older it would be easier if it were lighter and when he comes home he'll only regularly be taking out two adults and a featherweight child anyway ...

Any pointers ?


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Mar 23, 2015
Driver = whip, the person actually driving the animal.
Groom - passenger, essential on each carriage, to assist in safe driving.

I can't help you on the weight question - sorry!



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Apr 16, 2000
For showing classes you can have a groom and /or passenger, The groom won;t wear an apron, and often wearing riding hat and jacket and beige trousers or jodhs, or if you are dead posh livery coat and topper! Passenger wears an apron and does not get down as a matter of course when the carriage stops, But would need to in an emergency.

Horse Four 600kg
Pony Four 300kg
Horse Pair 350kg
Pony Pair 225kg
Horse Single/Tandem 150kg
Pony Single/Tandem 90kg

These are the minimum weights for Horse driving trials, so if you buy a vehicle of this type this will be the weights roughly.
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