can't sit to the trot or canter


Baby Cabbage
Mar 30, 2005
Some horses at the riding school have really comfortable canters that are easy to sit to, others don't and I bounce about and look really stupid also the same case with the sitting trot. Can anyone help? :(


arab girl
Aug 1, 2004
upstate ny, usa
i think maybe a little bareback work could help. it really helps a sitting trot. when i started riding bareback it took a few rides to get enough balance to trot or canter, but i really like it now. if you feel confident give it a try, it could help you.



~Free Spirit~
Sep 6, 2004
Toronto, Canada
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You probably do not look as stupid as you feel. With some horses, I feel like im flying up a foot high, but if you have mirrors in your arena, steal a glance if you can - you're not bouncing THAT much really!

And I completely understand what you mean by some horses have really a comfortable canter, and some - its just hard to sit to!

Just try your best! :) Relax, move with the motion. (alright, iknow, that hardly helps, but its really somethign that comes iwth experience - something you gotta figure out on your own, it cmoes with time, i promise). And remember to sit on your will absorb the movement for you, as opposed to sitting rather perched up on your crotch. It makes a huge difference!

Good luck and have fun! :D
Dec 4, 2004
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Do you ride western or english? When I used to bounce at the canter I would take my feet out of the stirrups and force my self to sit. If i felt like I was gunna fall I would hole onto the horn(i rode western) until i got my balnce back. You could also do this with english just be careful in case you lose your balance :rolleyes:
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