Can anyone help me please ?


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Jun 18, 2009
I am organising a dressage competition for the the liveries at the yard I am at, just a little show for those that have either never competed or done very little which is most of us. The aim is to raise some money to buy equipment for the school, at the moment we only have 4 jump stands and 6 poles.

So far I've got a date, a judge, test and score sheets, rosettes ordered, someone to do refreshments, a caller and a goffer.

What I'm stuck on is finding something to mark out the arena with. Our school is about 58m x 25m and we need to mark out a 40 x 20. Someone said she'd seen white guttering used and I've been checking prices but they seem to be around $95 to $150 for what we need (for $ read pound sign - this laptop doesn't have one). Robinsons have purpose made boards but they work out at about 200.

We don't actually have any funds at all at the moment which is a bit of a drawback so I wondered if anyone on here had any suggestions ?

I'd appreciate any help you can give me.
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Apr 25, 2003
you might get some guttering on freecycle, or what about white electric fence tape?

or just spray the ground with white paint?

Sofi P

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Jan 2, 2008
A can of white spray paint? If that wouldn't affect the school surface afterwards...

Or poles or logs or whatever else you have lying around!

Ginger Thing

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Jul 10, 2003
Our old yard used white showjumping poles, but we've used anything we can find! Guttering shouldn't cost that much - have you worked it out for the whole arena? You only need to do the corners and a piece by each marker, like this:




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Jul 18, 2005
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Yeah Id just get some electric tape or thick brightly coloured string (try and get some police tape!! :p) as long as its visible and tied up out of horses feet height it should be fine!


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Jun 18, 2009
Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

Ginger Thing - Yes, having seen your pictures I was being a bit ott with my estimation. Although I had spaced them out I hadn't thought of just putting them at the markers. I'll do another calcuation.

I don't want to use anything that needs to be stuck in the ground as the arena is only about 6 months old, it's sand on top of a membrane on hardcore, gravel and sand (I think). I wouldn't want to pierce the membrane.

Next time I'm at the yard which will be Thursday I'll have a look round and see if there is anything I might be able to borrow for the day.

Many thanks
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