Can anyone help - a friend in a pickle!


Quitus & Strike
Aug 8, 2007
Hi all - hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend!

I know a lady who is i a bit of a situation, I rang up about her horse for sale on Project Horses as he sounded lovely only thing is he was a little old for at rising 9.

Now she has a foal due in 3 or 4 weeks and no where to keep so HAS to sell him but can't find anyone, I have no idea why cause he's such a gem! Also due to personal circumstances she can no longer keep him as a field ornament! If I hadn't found Quitus I would have taken him on for her until we found a buyer. I think people are put off by the fact that he's not been in a lot of work lately, but he'd be an excellent RC horse but with work and the right rider could go higher.

So if anyone knows of someone who's looking she is near Bishop's Stortford and has lowered his price to £1400 to sell him, he was originally advertised at £2900.

He is: 15.2 Middle weight TB gelding bred by Sheikh Mohammed, ex-racer. Sweetest boy - forward going but not fizzy. Nervous when hacking so needs to build up confidence with that but amazing paces with work will go far!

If anyone has any suggestions or knows anyone looking please please PM

Here he is:


New Member
Dec 26, 2007
If she NEEDS to sell then I recommend trying the £1000 and under section of horse and hound. We sold ours at the full price within days and could have sold her twenty times more. She was worth more that £1000, but we were desperate for space and had no job for her. :)


Quitus & Strike
Aug 8, 2007
I'll tell her about H&H £1000 and under.. Thing is she spent a lot on him and her personal circumstances may mean she needs the money. It's a horrid situ!


lol, clairy259 is looking for some thing, may be worth dropping her a pm.

tell your friend to have a look through all the wanted ads aswell, not just on ph.

or suggest loaning him out??


Quitus & Strike
Aug 8, 2007
I think she is reluctant to loan him as he was on loan before and came back in a bad condition!

I'm going to trawl wanted ads for her!


New Member
Apr 20, 2007
Milton Keynes, Bucks
Aww, i have space but no time or money for another one! Im sure she will find someone for him, a nice buyer normally comes along for genuine horses eventually.
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