Buckets in/out hard/soft?

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Nov 27, 2005
Planet Pickle
I used the different size tuff tubs that are soft, flexible and no handles, he is fed with a shallow one in a tyre, Bex takes it out of the tyre when he is finished eating and plays with the bucket, but comes to no harm with it or the tyre, they have the same in the field,, I have a large one for water, I am iffy over haynets too, If they are high the horse can build up muscles under his neck while eating from it, low and they can get caught in it, I used a hayball, this can be hung low but it less dangerous than a haynet, the idea being if a horse gets anything stuck in it, it will pop undone, It has been great with my youngster, and Danny sticks his rather large head all the way in it and is fine,
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