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Sugar High
Nov 29, 2001
BC, Canada
If Sugar comes home with us, I can't afford to buy a whole new set of brushes, as once Beauty finds a new home I'll be recycling hers. However, Beauty has a few extra curry combs and brushes I can borrow for Sugar's temporary kit. Should I disinfect them before using them on Sugar? Or will just washing them in soap and water do the trick?

Thanks very much!


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Aug 15, 2002
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well i would just wash them in soap of fairy liquid if it was me.
you know if beauty has a any skin problems and if she doesnt she will not pass on any infections to sugar !
i may disinfect them if they were really old and tatty to use on her but i think soap and hot water will do fine !

ps. are you buying sugar then ?


Sugar High
Nov 29, 2001
BC, Canada
Thanks :)

No, Beauty doesn't have any skin or coat problems, so that's good. They're not all that old at all, only about 9 months, and I keep them in good condition. I rinse them out after almost every use (every thorough grooming, at least).


Horseless... :(
Nov 27, 2002
New England
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Should you normally wash out your brushes when you groom a different horse? I groom different horses with my brushes without washing them- I only clean my brushes once-twice a week. Is this bad????:eek:
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