Boots, please!


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Jun 15, 2021
Been riding about nine months. Western. I’m an older lady. I need proper boots. I’ve now ordered two different pairs of Justin’s Gypsys, two different styles, two different sizes. They have the composite sole.

are these boots going to fit through the stirrups? They’re 4 1/4” across at the ball of the foot. Can that work?

I’m very self conscious and dont want to look like a dork.


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Dec 21, 2003
Welcome to the forum. I started in older age too and learned Western as well as English.

I have some Ariat Western boots with a composite sole. One needs to be careful of composite soles. Some are not suitable for riding in. I dont think that mine are.

In UK riding, boots cost more than stirrups so one buys stirrups to fit one's boots, leaving half an inch clearance. A quarter inch each side. One cant answer your question without kowingthe width of your stirrups.

I ride Western in my Ariat dual purpose Terrain boots (I think they have another name now, like Tellyou ride). I bought them because we went to the States on holiday many times and did a lot of walking in National Parks as well as trail riding. I love them.

I think you need to ask Justin about your boots and whether they are for riding or not. Justin are a good brand. I have a pair of their boot socks (socks for riding boots) which are excellent.

Looking at the Justin website, the Gypsy boots come in may styles and lots of them look fine for riding. But I am an older UK rider. Ask the manufacturers to be sure. Safety is paramount when riding and especially for us older people.


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Dec 21, 2003
They are brilliant, I wear mine all the time though I ride English.
Just those Ariats or with half chaps? Do you ride in jeans? I found jeans caught in the stirrup leathers. So I only ride in them when bare back. I ride in the Ariat short zip up boots I bought in 2003 and with tuffa suede chaps. I have some smart long boots but my weight is still above the level when I wear them I dont want to stretch them!


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Do you ride in jeans
I am at the moment because they are so much cooler and more comfortable when it's hot. So far so good with the stirrup leathers - perhaps the offset eye helps, because the stirrup isn't always trying to twist and pushing against the bottom of the jeans.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I have Olathe, Justin's, Double H, all great western boots and I've had many other brands in the past. I tend to go for the more workmanlike boots for riding and barn chores, as opposed to the more fashionable pretty boots. Most western stirrups are about 5" across the foot so the 4 1/4" should be fine.
I spend most of my time wearing Ariat terrain or tellurides, they are a kind of sports shoe cross breed, so super comfortable, supportive and great for walking, riding or working.
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