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My dad has kindly offered to take me out on the 15th September (fingers crossed) and just buy me a few things for my birthday.

I had mentioned a body protector and now he is reaosnably keen on getting me one.

How much protection do they actually give you? I am assuming they prevent some rib fractures etc, but at the same time, they aren't going to prevent I spinal fracture are they?

Jenny and Tyler


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Dec 20, 2003
could be shot down for this.... but they don't offer you 100% protection if you get me. You can still 'walk' away with spinal injuries from bad falls but then others you can get up and walk away from them.

Alot of people say they stiffen the rider etc, but i rode in for 2 years while i was at college and if they are fitted correctly they fit you like a glove and do give and mould to your body.

I don't ride in one anymore, sometimes i wish i did :eek: but the minute me and Hippo attempt XC it will be going back on!

I had a great one, with vecro god i can't remember the name of it but i loved it. I then went and looked at the Pippa Funnel one and one with a zip thing. Pippa fitted perfectly and so did the other one and i stupidly got hte one that was a bit cheaper. Well about 50 quid so not that much, but its just never really moulded, but probably cause i haven't wore it enough. When i'm back looking i'm def getting the Cobra one :D

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Dec 5, 2004
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An incorrectly fitted one could be the death of you, so bear that in mind when getting one - make sure you get it fitted by someone who knows what they are doing.

Black Beastie

I have a jack ellis one (as you have seen lol) and I love it!!! It has moulded with me and keeps me warm in the winter!! when me and Kia get round to doing mental things again it will be going back on!!!

Mine has hlped me with falls but it does feel stiffer until it warms and loosens but it had provided me with plenty of protection!!!

Nikki xxxx


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Aug 5, 2005
they wont stop you breaking your back or have any other injury really, but they will reduce the risk. but freak accidents can happen and it all depends on how you land, where,what on as to what injury could occur.

But if you felt you wanted a bit more impact protection thenit would be a good idea.
I want the cobra but i also want the roll cage one from Woof Wear if i was doing proper XC.:D


Iv just bought a racesafe beta 3. It felt a lot more comfy than the cheaper ones I tried but Ive yet to ride in it:rolleyes:


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Apr 29, 2007
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In the 6 years I have been riding I havent ridden without my BP once...ok ok, it migth not save my life, but its gonna be much more protective than nothing!
I feel safe with it on, and it cost only 50 pounds.

A great investment !!!

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Oct 21, 2002
I don't have one and been riding since i was 7 - think my parenmts would love me to have one though. Not saying i don't break i just have never jad or wanted one. Sometimes i think i should especially when vol is doing his aerobatics.

My fat has saved my bacon a lot of times tho :p I got that for free - well free ish and injured eating it all :D

Anything can happen tho - you can't say it will or won't help. Look at me i ended up in an ambulance from listing a water container the wrong way! I always thought my first ride in an ambulance would be from a horse fall !:eek:


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Sep 8, 2006
I broke a bone in my spine wearing mine but it's always prevented a break when I was younger and protected my chest when I got trampled. However, it had not moulded in the slightest- it's like wearing an immovable box but I'm used to it, also, to be crude, it works better than a sports bra if you get my drift- no movemtn in sititng trot!! ;):D
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