Body Protectors - Who Wears Them?


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Sep 14, 2009
I do actually have a Racesafe body protector .............. that I have never worn!

Am having a jumping lesson on Saturday - Tobes has never really jumped, and I haven't jumped for about 25 years!!!

I am guessing it would make sense to wear it, but will I be able to move properly?!

Who swears by theirs?

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I always wear mine. I have never ridden Ben without and don't think that I have ridden any horse without one for the last 15 years. Having seen a few very nasty falls invovling broken ribs in the last few months, I am keeping mine well and truely on. I have a very battered Rodney Powell which will soon need replacing and I may get a racesafe instead. They are suppposed to be very comfy.

Roxy's Mum

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Jul 21, 2009
I don't own one - don't like them. I tried one once but it hindered me too much, I felt I couldn't move properly, it was so uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for the bigger and larger chested riders they just do not fit well - I'm sure somebody will try to argue otherwise but for those of us size 20+ and with matching plus size boobs, believe me, they DON'T fit!
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Dec 21, 2003
Like Mary P.
But it isnt a good idea to keep an unworn body protector and get it out after many years. Designs change, partly because official safety standards change.
Partly to give a better fit to women. Materials change too - And have a shelf life. A bp needs to be replaced every four or five years - cant remember exactly - I have ridden 11 years and am on my third.


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Apr 15, 2012
If you are short you will also have issues! I went to derby house a couple of years ago to get one, tried on every one they had and none would fit. They were all too long (even the short ones) and felt very restrictive and bulky.

I phoned up treehouse sporting colours who were very helpful and when I gave them my measurements said I was inbetween the smallest womens size (with a short back) or the largest childs size (with a long back). The woman said that obviously the childs one was cheaper but the only issue I might have would be with the size of the arm holes but if I got it and it didn't fit they could exchange it. I bought it and it is a great fit and much better than the others I tried.

Unfortunately I rarely wear it. I probably should wear it more but I don't like riding in it much. I wear it when it is compulsory and I also wore it after my car accident because I thought it might help support my back a bit more. Maybe I should wear it more often.
I have a older point 2 vest and a airo wear body protector. I came off bob badly 2 years ago and since then OH has demanded I wear one every time I ride. Sometimes I feel a little silly putting it on when I'm just going for a hack round the block or just schooling but i suppose you never know when the worst could happen. I sometimes feel like people see me as a nervous beginner which is annoying. i respect hubby's wishes though and i wouldn't go against them. He's a cop and his theory is I wouldn't let him go out without his stab vest on, even though the risk is very low. Fair enough. I'd go mad if I found out he'd taken it off.

I friend of ours had an awful freak accident a few weeks back, riding her sensible old mare through a river at walk that they'd done 100's of times. she slipped and fell trapping her underneath. She broke 3 vertebrae and both thighs. She was very lucky to survive and thankfully her daughter was with her to call for help. With a back protector on the doctors think her vertebrae would have been ok but she would have broken ribs instead.

Ill keep wearing mine and ignore the 'looks' I might get. I'd love a new style point 2 if hit air though.... Secret Santa???


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May 30, 2002
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I have a point two vest and a Mountain Horse bodyguard jacket... only starting wearing it last year though, never worn one for the whole of my riding life before that... even going cross country!


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May 20, 2001
I find the air vests to be quite comfy even for hourglass figures. Gets a little tight when it inflates but otherwise very light and not constraining (uninflated).
If you get a chance to try one, Roxy's Mom, put one on and see what you think!


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Jul 22, 2010
Ayrshire, Scotland
I always wear one now, since coming off on the road last year. I did have a Champion Flexair but it was terribly bulky and restrictive, so I now wear an Airowear Outlyne which is amazing. Incredibly comfortable - I hardly notice I am wearing it.

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
IUnfortunately for the bigger and larger chested riders they just do not fit well - I'm sure somebody will try to argue otherwise but for those of us size 20+ and with matching plus size boobs, believe me, they DON'T fit!

This, funnily enough, is the exact reason why I wear one now! I've worn it since I realised my doughball of a horse was a flight risk, but having fallen on my butt and head more often than any other part of my body, I now wear it because it is the best sports bra known to man.
Yes it means I can't bend as well, having the hugest chest ever and being quite fat, but it definitely helps with the bounce factor.....I just hate it at this time of year when its like putting on cardboard in the cold.
I would love to swap to something like an air vest if it could still promise the sports bra capablities with more freedom of movement but I think its become sort of like a seatbelt to me, I wouldn't feel comfortable without it.


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Oct 16, 2006
The Cotswolds
I wore mine every single time I rode Henry, just in case.

With Bailey I wear it when she's had a week off or if we're doing jumping, I didn't wear it cubbing but I might for hunting.

I feel much safer on Bails than I did with Henry so feel happier riding without it.

But with Hens it was my constant companion over three years, only when it was really really hot did I leave it off but if I could ride with it half unzipped and not be dripping with sweat I would!


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Sep 14, 2009
Well, I am sat in mine at the moment!

It is a racesafe xs short back, and I think it feels OK now it is warming up - OH will think I have gone mad wearing it to cook supper! It isn't very old, so still meets all the criteria, and as Tobes has never jumped and my jumping days were 25 years ago, think I will wear it. Can always take it off if I can't move very well!

I didn't wear it to go cubbing, but friend wore hers and just as well really as hers bronced her off twice good and proper.

But don't think I will wear it for hacking, unless I suddenly fall in love with it!


I wear mine if I'm jumping, hacking on a road or going for a long active hack on Tess. I don't tend to wear one if I'm going to go for a plod on Rio, or I'm just schooling.


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Mar 2, 2006
I wear mine for hacking and fun rides. It feels awkward when first put on but within a few mins it feels normal, gives extra warmth in the winter too :)


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Apr 23, 2009
I dug mine out and wore it when I got kicked in the ribs and it was very uncomfortable to bend. I had to drive the box and the gears are quite robust so thought the straight jacket, oops I mean body protector, might help keep me straight.

Other than that I don't wear it, but I would if I was doing x country (as if!) and probably would have worn it for jumping if I'd thought about it. Will dig it out again for my next lesson.
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