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Dec 16, 1999
Paris, France
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Can anyone tell me how to measure your horses's mouth to be sure that the bit you want to buy is the right size ?

A bit measurement as given in a catalogue or on line (in buying via internet) sem to give the choice of 115 mm, 125 mm or 135 mm.

Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to make a costly mistake. :confused:


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Jan 29, 1999
Well, when you have the bit in it's mouth, there should be about a FINGER WIDTH on either side. I'm not really sure about the other way, but the finger is mostly so it doesn't pinch the corners of the mouth.


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Dec 7, 1999
Pennsville, NJ USA
When I went to the tack store, I never measured my horses' mouth. If you buy it at a tack shop, then you can return it. The guy there always says that it isn't the particular measurement that counts. I myself have no clue on how to measure a bit. I just know how to see if one fits properly. I would recommend that you have someone experienced with bit measurements help you. But to see if a horse's bit fits, it should have just a few wrinkles at the corner of the mouth. (That's what I was told, and if this info isn't correct, someone please correct it.) To form a picture of this take the finger next to your thumb and your thumb and touch them together at the tips. Take your left index finger and hold it against the space between your two fingers at the flabby part on your hand, and it should creat wrinkles.
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