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Hi all,

For chrissie I'm getting a bitless cross under bridle for Jack. I'm thinking that since he dislikes the bit and has a lack of reponce to it, has a hard mouth from racing, that a bitless should work well and make him a fair bit happier too.

What i'm wondering is if anyone eles uses one or has in the past? If they like them? If their horse goes well with one on? How long it took for the horse to get used to it?

The company I'm getting mine from said to get him used to it while on the ground, how do i do that?

Any info/help would be great:)


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Dec 30, 2000
The cross over bitless is usually very effective as it pushes the horse, instead of pulling, but it can provide excellent brakes for those horses with a tendency to take off, as it wraps the whole head.

If used from the ground, it has a similar effect to a controller headcollar.

When they said get him used to it from the ground, I imagine they meant steering him, and stopping him using it. You could try longreining in it.
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Sounds like a Dr Cook or equivalent if it's a cross under.

I got one for my horse as a more comfortable and properly fitting alternative when we discovered she was quite happy to be ridden out in a headcollar. She isn't usually strong though so big brakes are rarely an issue, but be warned that a strong horse might well run through it if so minded, as the action is relatively mild.

In terms of the adjustment, some horses may object at first to the different feel, especially if they're at all headshy, so try it in a safe enclosed area at first. Rio took to it straight away though, we hack out in it when we aren't going on the roads and she is happy and relaxed in it, definitely prefers it to a bit.


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Apr 16, 2000
We have a mare who had been taught to go hollow he second you asked for any contact on the bit. It was a nightmare.

I made a bitless for general never know when one will come in handy!

She went really well in it and relaxed and has started to develope a tiny,'d hardly notice really, but it's a start, neck!

Cymro too had a spel in it and it made him a happy boy too.

I don't bother getting them used to it on the ground, but I DO get them used to it in the indoor school with the doors SHUT! :D :D

All the horses I've used it on have been easier to control with a bitless then with a bit as they don't fight it, they listen and come back to you even from a good gallop.

Clare rode fat Nött in it when the police were shooting and Nött got a real scare, Clare said Nöt came back to her far easier in the bitless then ever she would have done in a bit. So anyone saying a bit gives more control....well not in all cases.


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Mar 27, 2001
one of our school ponies wears a scawbrig - similar style to the cross under. she had been at another yard and been yanked about, and had gotten into the habit of snatching the reins and pulling people out of the saddle. we changed her to a bitless not long after she came and she is much happier now.


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Sep 30, 2003
My pony is in a scrawbrig coc of his fat tongue.Didn't realise you were supposed to try it on the ground first, WHOOPS , lucky hes easy to stop.:D:D


Ditto :D I just put it on, fiddled the reins on the ground so she could feel what it was all about, then got on and that was that.


Thanks For all the replys

Thanks to everyone who replied, Ill try useing it on Jack in the Arena before i go out on any trails. He's not head shy so i think he'll be ok in it. I've got hoildays starting from Monday week so i can spend the whole two weeks getting him used to it.

Thanks again:D


This is a photo of what the one I'm getting looks like


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May 31, 2003
I'm getting a nobit bridle for christmas as well :) My boyfriend is buying me one. I haven't used one before but no people that have and they say it is great. Here is a pic of the one I am getting:


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Bel, I should maybe be aware that yours will have a significantly stronger action if it's made of rope as per the photo, it makes a lot of difference.

Looks neat it blue doesn't it - mine is a boring black colour:D


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May 31, 2003
I agree with Yann, because yours is made of rope (and quite thin rope at that) it will make your signals alot stronger and harsher.
They do look good in blue. I was going to get a black one but got one in hunter/forest green instead as that is Nuggets colour. hehe
Good luck with your bridle! :D
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