birthday weekend, had a great one!


lifelong sufferer of restless brain syndrome
Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Soooo I turned the big 3-0 on Saturday :eek: Scary stuff! But I have had such a nice weekend.

Friday night we had a pre-birthday BBQ with our liveries and some other clients, we had a good laugh and got through a ridiculous amount of food.

Saturday I had the day off so started out with a nice little lie-in and a leisurely breakfast in my PJs in the garden. Then I tootled up to the yard with Mouse to give him a bath in preparation for his Big Day.

DSC08798 (800x619).jpg

My boss's mum appeared in her car with the boot open and the back seats down and announced I had a special delivery... and there was a suspiciously human-shaped "present" lying in it wrapped head to toe in red tissue paper! I didn't know who to expect but when I unwrapped the bottom end I recognised the feet immediately (as you do...!). It was one of my best friends from the UK, she is working in Germany for the summer and my boss arranged for her to come over for the weekend :D Such an awesome surprise! And a unique one too, I have never been given a human for my birthday before :p

My friend's university flatmate lives near me and had a couple of her own friends staying with her this week, so I finished bathing Mouse and loose-jumped him to much applause and admiration from his audience, and then they all took me out for the day. We went for lunch at a café at the Roche de Ham which has a beautiful view over the River Vire and surrounding countryside. There is only one type of food on their menu - galettes (my favourite!), which are basically crepes stuffed with whatever you fancy and can be either savoury or sweet. I had my usual (ham, cheese and fried egg) and then not one but two ice-creams for dessert as it was hot and I'm a piggy :p Then we went to a lovely little town called Torigni-sur-Vire for the afternoon, I have only been there to see fireworks so not seen it in daylight before, and among other things we went on pedalos on the river - the first time I've ever been on a pedalo and much harder work than I imagined!

DSC08802 (800x739).jpg DSC08809 (800x669).jpg DSC08815 (800x580).jpg

We got home late afternoon and I couldn't go without riding Annie on my birthday so got her in for a quick session in the school. We just messed around for a bit and then did some canter-pole grids building up a little jump at the end. She was on form and went so nicely.

DSC08848 (763x800).jpg DSC08854 (800x723).jpg DSC08877 (786x800).jpg DSC08897 (800x724).jpg DSC08901 (800x687).jpg DSC08867 (745x800).jpg

Once we'd finished with her I was told we were going out for dinner at the pizzeria (my usual birthday treat) and the others went home to get changed. Of course it turned out I'd been lied to (I'm too trusting you know!) and ended up with a surprise dinner party instead :cool: There were 14 of us and a mixture of English and French speaking, we ate mountains of gorgeous food and played silly party games and I had a really great night! I got some fab presents too - all with the same theme as everyone knows I'm off on my travels next year. I also got a beautiful watch from my boss's parents. My family gave my money towards my travel fund, except my sister, who gave me a lovely navy Mary Poppins-style bag with white horse print and brown leather straps. I have been really spoiled.

Sunday I had a quiet day at work as we're competing 5 days next week and it's the calm before the storm so to speak! I had a much-needed nap in the garden at lunchtime and spent most of the afternoon faffing around preparing Mouse and his kit for his show tomorrow. I also took him in the school for a quick spin and to check the angle I need for my helmet camera to film my Derby round next week... which meant that when Mouse slammed the brakes on and dipped his shoulder at the last minute in front of a tiny jump, I caught my fall on camera :p It was the first time I've fallen off either of my ponies and it was such a stereotypical pony stunt I couldn't stop laughing! He jumped so nicely afterwards but it was a little uncomfortable with sand down my jodhpurs :p

So yes I had a great weekend and am hoping that a good performance from Mouselet tomorrow will top it all off! I have had loads of the usual comments and jokes from people about turning 30 but have to say I really don't "feel old" at all. I reckon my life has only just got started ;)
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