bird poop strip paint.......


Jul 4, 2009
off the bonnet of my car:stomp: I had noticed the big splosh which clearly came from an eagle:redface: While at the garden centre today i left the car to have a car wash. when I returned I noticed some marks on the bonnet where the poop had been, i initially thought they just hadnt got it all off but they had and the marks were actually where the top layer of paint has been stripped. I was talking to my brother who owns a garage who said it is a well known fact that if left bird poop damages the paint........well i know now:poop: So if you notice a blob on your car wash it off quickly :redface:
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Apr 16, 2000
My peacock used to roost on the roof of my van and spend all night crapping on the bonnet.

When I sent it in for a service the guy who onwed the garage phoned me up as it was a hot topic of conversation as to what had crapped on the van, they could not identify the poop and a bet was to be won.....nobody won it. But I will second your observations, bird poo is hellish caustic.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Yes, definitely strips car paint. We once took ours to the bodyshop department at the main dealers and they told us that the bird lime is horrible for damaging them. Those darn birds - tis enough to put you off feeding 'em......

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
Yep, knew this, but really should take heed of it more. Didn't know that shaving foam does the same thing to cars as well though. Learn't that the wrong way when we attacked a friend's car and then had to pay for the paint job. Ooopsie!


Jul 4, 2009
The eagles poop was on there for about a week in the hot burning sun:redface: Quite significant damage, am really really p****d off as going to cost lost of pennies to have repaired:cry:
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