Jessica holly

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Sep 30, 2015
New zealand
so I took my boy charlie out on a two hour hack up the road, where we would usury have a lot of confidence issues over little unnecessary things, I Saddled him up and started our Jerny , usually my boy would be very tender and sloppy but he seemed to love going out of the paddock and was walking a lot faster than usual, the majority of the road was gravel, and I walked around the corner to where a couple of Maori people lived, and owned three bush ponies, a mare stallion and foal, for some reason our neighbours think its okay to do a burnout in there car after clearly seeing me ride, when they quik.y flew off spraying gravel everywhere, he got a little Hervey but wasn't to much of a threat ! We moved on after giving the idiots q growling and carried on with our hack, where I had a loose rein the whole way and he was nooseying around everywhere like a happy chap ! So I
Ended up going up the road to see our friend who owns four horses currently, while I was waiting for her to catch her horse, I was working on Charlie's balancing as he is a standardbred and came off the track, and he decided to jump!! I was so surprised of my boy and I Hardly had to put much pressure on him,he loved it ! After the ride we walked back home and I toom him through a ditch,
My. Yo is getting so much more confident and I couldn't ask for a better horse for myself! image.jpg
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