Big grown up girl today!


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Jan 15, 2010
So we had a lesson this morning and Brook was really sweaty after it. Ive been meaning to get her clipped but not got round to it. She’s so worried about new things so I have been trying to de-sensitize her using the trimmers (which are quiet) around her and letting her hear the clippers while she has her tea etc. However this is what I love so much about the bond I have with this pony. I turned them on today and she physically jumped and started to tremble. I waited for her to settle and spoke to her and then carefully made a start and I swear, she was clenching her teeth and trembling with her whole body the entire time. However one ear is always on me and listening to my voice and so et voila !



We had a great lesson this morning, Im seeing a new RI and she really ‘gets’ Brook and understands Highlands and their needs. We did a lot of work on the canter with me up off her back to allow her to find her own balance and stop her motorbiking so much. The only issue is although she generally isnt a pony who trips, she does in this particular indoor school and she terrifies me that might come down when we are doing this. She tripped 4 times today but in trot , thankfully not in canter. Its definitely something to do with the surface as she doesnt do it in the place’s other indoor - i know, TWO indoors, how fab!! This RI also picked up on my hip issues without me telling her and does a lot with me to get me to release my hips and use my seatbones to massage her back, the result is a much better, bigger walk.

I found it very interesting that she commented that a horse who has been left unhandled to 3 (as Brook was) is often nicer to work with. She is NEVER rude or bargy and she takes the minimum correction both under saddle and on the ground. It means I have an extremely responsive pony who tries hard to do the right thing, I think if she ever properly had her bottom smacked she would be mortally offended for life. My RI attributes this to the start she had, says it has given her a huge amount of natural respect as often youngsters are over handled and become too self confident. It means I have her worried side to deal with but she is so nice along with that I dont mind.


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Aug 5, 2009
What a superstar she is - a very positive experience for both of you for her first clip so I am guessing all your patient preparation with her has paid off big time. She is Very pretty I have to say - such an expressive face. :)
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Apr 23, 2009
Oh she's so beautiful. I love Highlands anyway, but Brook is particularly attractive.

What a great bond you have with her, she must really trust you to let you do something that worried her so much. What a great lesson too, your RI sounds fab.

My YO has always said that (generally) she finds the unhandled youngsters that come straight from a field are the most willing to learn and easiest to train. There was only one I remember that was any trouble and he was a Fell pony, but he'd been through a few dealers yards after being brought off the hill and they think he must have had a bad time as he really didn't like men at all. He still came round though - his name was Dan and for a long time the only way he could be caught if it was a female that went to get him and they sang 'Danny Boy' to him. He ended up having such a great work ethic and he went on to be a really fun pony for a confident teenager. Sorry, completely OT but you just reminded me!
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