BHS TREC Training Day


Louise Rich
Mar 25, 2008
There is a BHS TREC Training Day on the 26th of April 2008, at Oakleaze Farm, Stockwood, Bristol. :)

Its from 9.30 with Theory session in the morning (horses to remain in their transport). Practical demonstrations and practice over obstacles in the afternoon for mounted participants. Unmounted participants spectate and take part in discussions.

Cost: BHS Members £20 Mounted/ £10 Unmounted
Non BHS Members £25 Mounted/ £15 Unmounted

All enquiries and bookings to Sue Rich Tel. 01179 864276 e-mail [email protected]


New Member
Mar 6, 2008
I would be very interested, unfortuantly being in Sheffield it is too far to travel. I am finding it difficult to find a Trec event in my arae that we can attend.
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