Beth Update


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Sep 17, 2000
Hey every1!! thought i would let u know how beth is getting on.

For people who dont know, she was in a fight, and suffered a serious leg injury. Now it has all healed, with just a little scab, and she is back in the field (without sammy) happy as larry.

We hav moved farms, and sammy has been donated to Heaton Park riding centre. This was because there was an appeal in the paper. Vandals had let all the horses out of the stables, and all had been recovered except 1. This one was ridden by a little girl recovering from cancer in the spine, and she was heartbroken. So my friend gave up Sammy. she was looking to pass her on n e way, and we thought this wuold be a great place for her to learn some proper manners and make new friends.(Hopefuly she wont fight with them to!)

Lots of love & Christmas wishes,


Aug 3, 2000
Holiday Cheer!

What a good person your friend is!! That was so nice to give him up, and must have been hard, but you have the comfort of knowing that you are making a little girl with a life threatening disease happy!

Maci :)
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