Best turnout rug for 14hh Welsh section D?



I have a 14.1hh Welsh section D gelding and need to buy a winter turnout rug for him. He has a Masta rug but I find that it tends to cling to and pull back over his rump, slide behind his withers and pull on his shoulders even though the rug is not too big for him (it is 5' 9" in length). I am thinking of buying a high neck (not full neck) 1200 denier 300g+ rug, or may go for a full neck, rather than a removable one. I just wondered which make would be best for him? He is not particularly wide in the chest, his saddle is a 17" medium/wide. I would appreciate any advice...thanks.


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May 21, 2006
My 14.2hh Welsh D is a 5ft 9, the weatherbeeta Freestyle fits well but not the non-freestyle as they pull on her shoulders, but my favourite is premier equine :)

I'm getting their medium weight with detachable neck I think - but going to have a nose at it at Olympia first before I order :D


My welsh d is just in a robinsons requiste rug and that seems to fit her perfectly!

Not too expensive either


Hi, Thanks, I'll be doing a Robinson's shopping trip soon, so I'll have a look. I think the problem with the Masta rugs is that they are short in length rather than narrow on the chest. I'm wondering what Shires or Horseware are like lengthwise, as he does not need width at the chest or a big neck.


Thanks to all

Thanks everyone for your help. I have found that Shire's rugs fit him quite nicely.
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Rug problem sussed!

Rug problem solved: I have now discovered that if I use a nylon lined rug (as opposed to a cotton lined one) it does not grip and drag back and therefore stays in place better and does not rub. He is in a GFS medium weight turnout rug at the moment which is fully lined with nylon and it is a great fit, stays in place, has hooks on the chest fastenings (so you don't have to fiddle with the buckles once you have set them) and elasticated leg straps and it has not dragged back or rubbed him up to now. It is also waterproof, but breathable......Thank you GFS!! PS: The Shires stable rug he was wearing was a very nice fit, but had the cotton lining dragging back problem again.
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