Baileys low cal vs. topspec anti lam


The Apprectices
Jun 7, 2005
Have been feeding Milo anti lam for a couple of months but he seems a little lack lustre (although some of that is his sore toes).

Was wondering what other people thought of the differences between these two

Mimi + Me

New Member
Mar 1, 2006
I can only comment on the Lo-Cal cos that's the one I use for my horse, but I think it's great. I took her off hard feed (because she's SUCH a good doer) and she just has 2 cups of Lo-Cal and a handful of chaff twice a day. She's had this for about a year now and everyone whose known her over the years has commented on how well she looks :):)

Blue Fish

Sue and Bug
Aug 24, 2005
I have my 16.1 event horse on Baileys LoCal and HiFi Original - that is all and he events Pre-Novice level. He also does some 2-day events too, if I feel he needs more energy he gets Oats added as he doesn't need the calories he would get from a mix. He's coat is fantastic and the Farrier noticed a difference in his feet after I started feeding him LoCal - improvement:D

He gets 1.5 lbs of Local per day and my sack roughly lasts a month, I wouldn't swap him to anything else.


New Member
Aug 11, 2007
I've had to stop feeding lo-cal balancer as Kinzzy started to feel really on edge and this was the only thing I could put it down it. She would get nervous and jumpy which is most unlike her.

She's been off it now for at least a month and is back to her normal self. Can't comment on top spec, I've not tried it before. Good luck whatever you decide.


The Apprectices
Jun 7, 2005
Well I bought a bag of low cal to try (am currently mixing it in with the last of the topspec) so will see how it goes.

Having properly measured his feed today though, I think I may have been slightly underfeeding the topspec :rolleyes: although only marginally.

Someone recommended topline conditioning cubes, but I am too worried about his weight to try it, feeding concentrates at all terrifies me whilst hes not working as much as I'd like


New Member
Mar 2, 2008
My mare has been on Top Spec Antilam since last year. I think its good, I think her shape is better, she is shiny and her feet are in good condition. My friend as also put her pony on Antilam and she seems to have been affected the same way.
I hope feeding this to her will help her cope with the grass as we have left our mares out tonight for the first time this year.


Been using Topspec antilam for 18 months. Took him off it for a few weeks in winter and farrier saw blood in his feet straight away. He went straight back on it and will never, ever stop it again!!! Good stuff.
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