Back from vets again

They are! Nice thick carrots work even better as they don't fall out, but it is a cheap treat šŸ¤£ and you can see his concentration. He is spoilt with his bed with thick equimats under too.
Blinkin horse! Call at 7am to say don't worry he is fine but....
He had attached himself by the front of his rug to his haynet. Of course he was dramatic about it. He then freaked more when his rescuer had to get his headcollor so took a step away from him. No damage to him the rug or the haynet but he did have a stress head on this morning!
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Oh no! The clips on rugs now make peopleā€™s lives easier but Iā€™ve heard of so many horses ending up attached to things!

I always put them facing in to reduce the chance but I added vet wrap tubes over Monkeyā€™s as well, because he has a tendency to rub on things.
Yep I always put the clips facing the inside too. This was T bar fastening. He's never done it before so hopefully a one off.
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Harvey has done it twice - I swapped his rugs to ones with straps and buckles. Its only for daynets for him, his overnight hay is on the floor
The irritating habit of choice this morning was pawing the ground. He does like to.mix things up but this is a new one šŸ¤£

Also his ring for his haynet had broken overnight. So he has moved the haynet from one corner of his stable to the opposite corner and put the haynet in his water bucket.

Good to know he is using his time constructively.
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What do you want him to do @Doodle92 , read how to be the perfect horse? I suspect if he could read it would cause even more problems šŸ¤£

I do hate those T;bar fastenings, I won't buy stable rugs with them on nowadays. Buckles may be a fiddle but I prefer them. plus it means I can adjust the front a bit, ie let it right out!
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It is preferable to the spinning round being an idiot so tbh he can do whatever he likes šŸ¤£. He is just bored and feels that when I am there I must be looking at him at all times! Even if I have turned my back to fill his haynet!

Never had an issue with rugs getting caught but there is always a first. He is out of that rug now tho and in thicker.

He doesn't need a book. He already knows he is the perfect horse šŸ„°
When are the vets thinking you can start doing rehab with him doodle?

He looks like a right character who is more than happy to make his own entertainment when some isnt being provided!
I am not counting of course but 2 weeks and 5 days and the vet and farrier are coming for more x-rays. That will be the 3 months box rest (5.months post injury) and regardless of x-rays he is going out! (In pens gradually getting bigger). When he first did it the vet said at 3 months we would start walking out. However I would rather gradually build up turnout and leave riding plans till weather gets a little better.

Bored toddler sums him up just now.
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That sounds sensible to me @Doodle92 , I know they say walking out is controlled exercise but on a horse coming off box rest in bad weather it can easily become anything but! At least in a field you don't get hurt and his space is limited, unlike if he gets loose having decked you.
Yep exactly. Im pretty sure he would behave ok but turnout more important for him rather than being ridden/working to being ridden. His pens are still up from the start and so they are as rested as they could be at this time of year. I can double the size every few days till it is 6 times the size of 1 pen. Then I would split the main field in 2 which would stop any racing up and down.
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Sounds like a plan going forward! Hopefully the new xrays are good in a couple of weeks.

7 years ago my horse was on month 2 of 4 in his box having broken a sesamoid bone, I also turned him out rather than getting on for safety reasons.

Least yours isnt destroying his stable...yet... Never let him talk to mine who really knows how to do a good job. Please note he never ran out of hay so there was no requirement to try and steal his neighbours!

Snog time with one of his bff's! They haven't had much chance to say hi but they LOVE hacking out together. (Riders less so šŸ¤£)
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I put a small layer of shavings under his straw where the wet patches are. Today I needed a new bale so I put it at the door while I got out my scissors. "No bother" says robin "I'll get it opened for you. And while I'm at it I'll spread a layer out here". Such a kind helpful horse!