Back from vets again

It's still wet and miserable. He has a buddy also on box rest. Therefore he has totally re thought his decision on box rest. He will cause a fuss in the morning to go out, but is quite relieved when I bring him in again after I have mucked out. He had barely moved all day todayšŸ¤£

He enjoyed his vet visit yesterday too cos he is odd like that!
"I have had a review on the box rest situation. Due to the fact that I am not a duck, I see very little need to be outside in quite frankly vile conditions. I will of course throw the required strop of a morning and demand to go out. This is required to not allow stupid woman to think I will do her bidding and I am fact my own person. I do not, however, expect to be required to STAY out after I have checked everyone is still looking suitably duck like and my kingdom has not disappeared. I am simply being a good boy and doing as that stupid woman wants by coming back in. I am rather bored by her hysterical whining something about a broken bone? I feel fine and feel she is being rather dramatic. Drama is MY job. I really do not know why she did not provide me with one of my girlfriends before this. However the addition of the older lady in my life is acceptable. In addition this picture of me catching up on zzzzzz's does not reflect the true story, I was simply resting my eyes while stupid woman restored my palace to suitable standards. I will of course constantly re assess the situation according to duck like conditions outside and the provision of girlfriends. Yours Robin vii"

šŸ¤£ his old one was bigger holes, that was the biggest I can get. I have tried small holes but he doesn't eat any less and he just gets very cross at haynet and I was replacing monthly. I am quite happy with him eating as much hay as he wants tho, I never want him to go without. He seems to stick at around 10/11 kg and interestingly he doesn't eat anymore if in 24/7.
My two hate small hole nets they will just leave the hay. They would rather starve. Small holes just frustrate them.
His fellow box rest buddy is now having at least 4 more weeks box rest before starting walking out. I feel bad that although I don't want her injured it does make mine and robins life a bit easier.
His fellow box rest buddy is now having at least 4 more weeks box rest before starting walking out. I feel bad that although I don't want her injured it does make mine and robins life a bit easier.
Yeah def one of those mixed feelings things! not great for her, but good for you and robin!
I'm embarrassed! I rarely see newest livery but tonight her and her hubby were up at the same time. Hubby was saying how robin demands attention from him all the time! He is very cute with it rather than rude and it always works. If he was a dog he would be a Labrador šŸ¤£. Robin will now never let him forget that!
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How does this work? Robin is throwing his head at me, pushing his luck, constantly straining the get out the door, chucking the door open and knocking barrow over etc and generally being rude.

Small 6yo child wants to help me. She is helping me to throw some shavings down and robin is politely standing to the side to give her space. So after that he stands in front of the full open door. With small 6yp standing in front of him saying "robin stand". He stands there and doesn't move a muscle, lowers his head so she can stroke him. Im standing to the side ready to grab child out of the way. Not a blink from him, perfectly angelic horse.

Child goes home and he is back to his rudness!
We had a wander from his stable to the hay for a different view, to check he wasn't sore and to check the hay was still edible. He wasn't and it was šŸ¤£received_679339320836170.jpeg
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Farrier was meant to come today. Late on he had to postpone as been held up. So he is coming on Thurs. It really doesn't matter, he is always excellent and helpful so I'm not upset but I REALLY had built this up as a huge step and today has just been rubbish. I will now get no sleep as I forgot to pick up my meds (I get them daily but with everything today I forgot)

Even if you can't sleep try to relax. Turn the lights off and snuggle up either in bed or on the sofa and put on a film you like and know, nothing that involves much thought to follow the storyline. Trying to make yourself sleep or fretting that you can't will just make you anxious, so relax and switch your mind off instead. While I don't have meds I used to do that a lot when I was too worried about Jim to sleep, it does help xx