Back from vets again


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Apr 6, 2021
Pedal bone fracture. It was what we expected but still a huge blow. It's good we know what it is, it is fixable and he will be back to normal. It is just going to take a fair bit of time. I have to persuade him to stay in his stable for 3 months which is not going to be fun.

I can't get over how amazing he is. He has a broken bone and he just keeps trucking. Again he was so well behaved at the vets.
Oh Robin!

However if he absolutely must break something a pedal bone is about as good as it gets since the hoof acts as a natural cast and recovery rates are high and with a good prognosis. A friend's horse did one years ago and like Robin wasn't even particularly lame, he had bar shoes for a while for added stability, made a full recovery and was capable of doing all the things he had before. Fingers crossed for Robin, and hopefully once he gets in a routine box rest won't be too stressful - you need a load of crap weather to persuade him he's in the right place!
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Farrier is coming on Friday. He has to get some sort of special shoes with pads and a heal raiser I think as it is right at the back of the bone so to take some pressure off that bit of the foot. Vet has spoken to farrier which was very useful as I didn't get all the details.

He will be fine in time and back to normal he just has to chill out and not keep marching round his stable.

He will be quite happy overnight. He had started to wonder if he wanted to come in at night anyway. It will just be the morning when he will kick off. He came back tonight, asked to Go out, I said no she he yawned alot and settled down!

Now is the best time to do it. Coming in to winter and horrible weather rather than in the spring.
I’m glad you have an answer and a plan, healing vibes coming his way and 🤞🤞 he settles to being in. As you say, if there’s ever a good time, now is it.
Is it a front or back foot. I feel your pain. At least you have an answer.

Chunky fractured his 2 months after i brought him. I thought that was the end of him and being my first horse it felt like a disaster. My vet assured me that it wasnt a bad fracture so prognosis was good. My god that was 17 years ago. How time has flown.
He did his in the February. 4 months box rest. Chunky wasnt a stabled horse at all. So we had to compromise with the stable door open 24/7 and the small concrete yard to walk around in.
He was barefoot but the fracture ment he had to have shoes. He had a bar shoe for a year. Then went to normal shoes.
Yes he has a window on the opposite side to look out too. Stables either side of the isle each with a window out the other. His is out to the yard, another stable block and he can also see in to the other fields and the cows. The other side looks out to the school and the fields which from experience winds him up more. He prefers to stand at his door tho and have his hay there. So he has a haynet at the door and a haynet at the window!
It is a normal metal shoe with a pad under it. The pad is slightly raised at the heel. Some sort of plastic but I'm not sure exactly what. The pink stuff is dental.impression stuff which fills any gap between the heel and the frog area and the pad. To Spread the weight across the frog and the whole heel area. It also stops dirt, bedding etc getting under the pad. The fracture is the back wing of the pedal bone so we want to take the weight off that area. He was also slightly negative angle so raise the heel slightly to help that. His feet are prone to being upright as so both farrier and vet wanted to avoid a bar shoe or a rim shoe as the risk would be his heels would collapse in and cause another issue. This set up is basically an new and improved heart bar shoe. I will take a picture of the heel with the foot on the floor as I didn't even think about doing that.

I didn't quite follow what the vet was telling me so now the farrier has been and has explained it I understand it now!