[b]wanted - abbot davies training aid[/b]


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Jul 11, 2009
Hi guys, I`m looking for a 2nd hand one as I`m borrowing a friends at the moment & she`ll need it back soon, can`t afford to buy one brand new at the moment, need it as i`m re-schooling my poooneeee!!! ANYONE know of ANY for sale pleeeease?? :D

Elly Koopman

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Oct 22, 2004
Norwich, Norfolk
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Jul 11, 2009
Baler twine.

Can I just ask why you've chose that particular training aid out of interest?

Hi, ok i know alot of people hate these kind of gadgets & i`ve never been one for using them...BUT...I`ve recently bought a 4yr old cob who was backed to ride & drive, now judging by his driving pictures it was a case of "not bothered where his head is, as long as he`s going forward" as he pokes his nose in the air quite alot, he also does this while being ridden. I only school him 2x a week as don`t want to overload him at his young age, he doesn`t have much topline or developed muscle on his neck..sorry babbling..
Right, point being is a friend of mine suggested i try these reins to see if it makes a difference, i have only used them twice & the difference is quite frankly..amazing, I like the fact that because of the pulley system there`s nothing forcing/holding him into a contact, his back was much looser, obviously as his head was down a little, his hind legs were stepping nicely under him & he just generally went much much better. I definately do not use them for hacking him & don`t use them for every schooling sesh as i`d like him to work it out for himself where his head should be, i will try & get pics up of this head carriage he has, it`s bizarre, even when not being ridden! you`ll see what i mean if i can get a pic!
I`d just like to use these to try & re-train him slightly...if you have other suggestions, they are all appreciated by the way! :)
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