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May 27, 1999
Washington State USA
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Does anyone here have any knowledge of the Azteca horse breed? It is a relatively new breed that is a cross between Andalusians and Quarter Horses. I have been told that my foundation bred quarter horse mare would make an excellent choice as a first generation Azteca broodmare. I have done some research on the web and they sound wonderful but I would like to hear from people not involved in breeding but have observed the Azteca in shows.....
I couldn't sell "my" babies anyway ... they are part of the family!
Well, I think that whole mess of Aztecas and Iberians and everything is a MESS. I don't like any of how they're bred and things, it just doesn't seem worth it. It'd be like breeding a Hackney to a Fjord. Pretty lame huh?

"lame"? pun not intended, right Medalia? :p jeez, i'm feeling a little too frisky tonight, what with that whole Saddleseat vs. Dressage debacle and all! ;)

[who's going to bed before she gets into any more trouble]

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LOL! I didn't mean it like lame-- your legs are busted, but I just think it's a total waste to breed a horse like that.

Anyway, about the "Lame" REAL name is "Claudia" and it MEANS LAME in Latin! I hate it. :( :D Not really, but I don't like to tell people what it really means.

Oh, and Cynthia means Moon Goddess in Greek.

Just thought I'd say that too. :D
Hey, do you think most of today's breeds evolved? Through selective breeding, with the end result of a horse with the desired qualities for the task at hand. The quarter horses are also a "new" breed having been developed for a specific job. Thoroughbreds were also bred for a certain ideal....well, you get my point.

I do agree with you in that I think the American registry is not being responsible in breeding to achieve the criteria specified by the Mexican registry, who started the Azteca breed. Personally I would not be interested in any horse that is not on the Mexican registry as they are very demanding in what horses qualify. The Azteca "inspector" must pass each horse at the minimum age of three in order to be registered. I think they are on the right track!

There is one woman here in Washington State that has a qualified Azteca stud! She says his temperament and athletic ability are unparalled...

Anyway, I would still like everyone's input!